Zoom announces new educational features to enhance the blended learning experience for teachers and students

San Jose, CA, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) Announced at the national convention today CoSN2022, New features of education in response to requests from teachers and managers. These features cover Zoom’s chat and meeting offerings and are designed to support teachers who need to engage and manage students who attend classes or submit assignments remotely. ..

Chromebook virtual background and blur
Chromebooks are popular with students and teachers. Virtual background and blur Now available to users of Zoom Progressive Web App (PWA) for Chrome.. Zoom is requested by customers of various educational institutions, including Clayton County Public Schools, one of the 100 largest school districts in the United States, serving more than 52,000 students in Georgia. We have developed this feature accordingly.

“Chromebook virtual backgrounds and blurs are very useful for students and teachers. Many students were reluctant to turn on the camera before this feature was enhanced,” said Clayton County Public School. Chief Technology Officer Rod Smith said.

Improvement of small meeting room
Breakout Room, a popular educational feature, has also been improved with this latest release. Sound program Allows meeting organizers to share audio content in the meeting room and adds the ability to share video with audio. Thanks’Improved LTI Pro integration, Teachers can enter data into the meeting room from the student list. You can use this to pre-allocate a meeting room and then automatically send students to the meeting room.

Other features of chat and waiting room
Other new features includeSend audio and video messages with Zoom Chat And the possibility Rename a user in the waiting room.. Asynchronous video allows users to see the response and record it as needed to provide a carefully crafted response.The user is at the bottom of the chat client[ビデオ]You can click to record up to 3 minutes of video messages sent directly to non-meeting chat channels. This is especially useful in situations where students submit simple video assignments. Renaming participants before attending a meeting helps students to use shared devices, create anonymous student groups, and claim gender identity.

Vote everywhere
Anywhere Polls, Polls Available Anywhere allows you to deliver poll content to a central repository accessible from any meeting account, rather than associating it with a specific meeting. This makes it easier for teachers to reuse surveys and helps them score. This feature will be available soon.

Dr. John J. “Ski” Sigielski, President and Chief Executive Officer of HACC at Central Pennsylvania Community College, said: “Improved polls make it easier for large student groups to provide feedback throughout the university. It’s easier than ever for teachers to recreate the content of each course. »»

Johann Ziman, Head of Global Education Strategy at Zoom, said: “We work closely with customers from kindergarten to high school around the world to take customer requests into account and engage in feature development. As a direct result, Zoom has these for education. We have developed exciting new features for. »»

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