WorkBoard announces the first complete strategy execution stack with new strategic products and new collaboration spaces on the platform

Redwood City, CA, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-WorkBoard Inc., a leading strategy execution platform, is today at the Accelerate Conference WoBo strategyNew products for managing business strategy and long-term products, and Collaborative spaceA new comprehensive experience across the WorkBoard platform, including the flagship OKR offering, Purpose of WoBo.. New products and innovations require companies around the world to implement bold strategies in the face of increasingly volatile markets, a widely dispersed workforce, technological changes and changes driven by ESG awareness. Born when you don’t.

WorkBoard’s complete policy execution stack allows organizations to perform the following actions:

  1. Effectively align your long-term strategy with your quarterly goals and your overall business outcomes (OKR), harmonizing and repeating the two.
  2. Drive your strategy more efficiently through automated monthly business reviews and weekly targeted releases that reduce operational and strategic delays.

Advances in these platforms are due to WorkBoard’s deep expertise and leadership in executing strategies, as well as its strong proximity to clients. Currently, 25% of Fortune 100 companies use the platform, and over 16 quarters, 50% of WorkBoard’s revenue comes from expanding membership with existing customers. WorkBoard is the most widely adopted OKR system in the world, and the OKR ™ result mindset method is very popular. T-Mobile, Accenture, AstraZeneca, Zendesk and DataRobot headline the two-day Accelerate Conference with over 1,200 attendees from over 300 global companies. Deloitte ranked WorkBoard 162nd on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list based on its 900% growth over three years.

WoBo strategy Team discusses and decides on multi-year strategies, systematically measures progress within a “one-page strategy”, meaningfully discloses the strategy to other stakeholders, and publishes long-term strategies quarterly. A new product for linking to OKR. Promote its short-term implementation. WoBo Strategy is designed to create and manage enterprise, business unit, product, and key initiative strategies to facilitate their relationships and collaborations, with teams from all parts of the organization thinking more strategically. Make it operational.

“As the economic and technology cycle accelerates, companies need to develop more adaptable strategies,” said Skyhigh Security (McAfee) CEO and former leader and senior vice president of the Cisco Security Business Group. Gee Rittenhouse says. “WorkBoard’s OKR products provide incredible clarity and agility about short-term goals and outcomes, but the variability over the last two years means that long-term strategies do not have the same clarity and agility. Still, the underlying assumptions are being confirmed or disproved at a much faster rate today. I have a long-term strategy, along with a WoBo strategy and short-term strategic execution within WoBo goals. I am very excited about my ability to promote clear strategic thinking.

The Collaborative space Represents a new, comprehensive collaboration paradigm that brings context and coaching to team conversations about strategy, goals, learning, and outcomes with the ability to seamlessly link data and discussion. With employees widely dispersed and inclusion becoming more difficult than ever, this new feature allows all teams to get together more effectively and enterprises to leverage the intelligence of everyone to achieve their strategies. increase. Unlike standalone whiteboard tools, Collaboration Spaces contains actual data about strategy and OKR, and team decisions are automatically converted into data, so you can defer decisions on one team’s roster. It can be shared, measured and managed seamlessly instead of.

WorkBoard makes it easy for teams to easily measure progress, identify and discuss issues, and predict from real-world results, as they can easily move from data to discussion and decision-to-data using purpose and context. You can learn by doing. Collaboration spaces include:

  • Strategic area : By enabling long-term strategic discussion and development, this space provides employees with models and coaching to establish and evaluate strategic options, address strategic pillars and assumptions, and harmonize the whole. .. Next, the pillars, results, and assumptions of the strategy are published. These are measurable and can be linked to the quarterly OKR to execute the strategy.
  • OKR area : By allowing team discussions on goals and key outcomes, this space includes coaching to help each team define major goals and key outcomes. Teams can bring other teams’ OKRs into the space to help coordinate the entire company. Once the team decides on OKR, they are easily published, displayed company-wide, and easily measured weekly.
  • Retrospective space : When the team looks back and learns from the results, this space contains team data on goals and results organized in context for good conversations about the wins, challenges, and changes that members want to achieve from their teachings. It will be. From the same conversation, you can easily redefine your goals and key outcomes for the next period. Victory and challenge observations are data and insights that teams and businesses can reuse.

“We are pleased with the WorkBoard platform and the Espace experience, which will change the way strategies are discussed and implemented, making it much easier for people to execute their strategies,” said Patrick Thompson, CIO of Albemarle. I am. “As a longtime follower of the four areas of execution, we are excited about how WorkBoard digitizes the tempo of strategy execution and operation.

Workboard Spaces are currently available and WoBoStrategy products will be available to customers in the spring of 2022. For more information, please visit For a demonstration, please visit

About WorkBoard
WorkBoard’s Strategy Execution Platform accelerates digital operations for companies around the world and enables them to use their resources to execute bold strategies faster. AstraZeneca, Ford, Humana, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Zendesk and others will leverage WorkBoard’s platform, strategy and expertise to coordinate goals (OKRs), streamline business reviews and focus on weekly releases. Take advantage of analysis. The company is a pioneer in strategy execution and has the foresight, and in 2016 it seamlessly integrated OKR, MBR and weekly reports. Over 10,000 people are certified coaches of WorkBoard’s Outcome Mindset Method, a relative method, helping them accelerate and agile their businesses.

WorkBoard is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in three countries, founded in 2013 and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, SoftBank, GGV Capital, Workday Ventures, M12 (Microsoft), Intel Capital, Silicon Valley Bank and CapitalOne Ventures. doing. For more information, please visit

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