Where will the millions of people invested by Grand Poitiers go in 2022?

Elected officials in the urban community voted for the budget yesterday. The planned investment totals € 75 million, including the main budget of 42.4 million. What is the impact on the inhabitants?

What is your strategy?

President Florence Jardin mentioned it in a debate on budget orientation last week and repeated it during yesterday’s budget vote. “” This is the budget for implementing Grand Poitiers solidarity and ecological strategies. »» To apply this strategy, the urban community rebalanced its finances last year with a tax increase. In return, the community has promised to manage operating costs and debt.

How much is it?

The main budget is expected to be 42.4M €. The additional budget will provide over 32 million euros. The sum is distributed across the six cross-sectional axes defined by the urban community. The axis is 20.3 million euros for all parties involved in the ecological transition. 9.7 million euros for outreach across the region. 3.8 million euros for new solidarity. 11.9 million euros for the axis towards economic transformation. € 21.5 million to support local governments and actions throughout the region. 7.9 million euros for exemplary management.

For any project …

… ecological transition?
This is the second best and fortunate axis for the production of renewable energy and heating networks. Initiatives for local food processing workshops. Water quality conservation; urban studies …
… radiation?
4.67 M € is for sports equipment only and includes 1.5 million € for Arena Futuroscope. Construction works are also planned for the Aquatic Center in Poitiers, the swimming pool in Bonne, the Ecruzel Gymnasium in Chassneuil and the Gomez Complex in Ligugé. This area also includes the construction of the European School of Image in Coulonnery.
Support for the social rental housing construction business will benefit from € 1.5 million. In addition, support for refurbishment work will be added. Work is also planned in the reception area of ​​travelers and early childhood buildings …
… Economy?
€ 75,000 will be used to support the Zero Long-Term Unemployment Area Initiative. 800,000 euros will be used to improve the economic activity zone.
… action on the territory?
This is the area where you will achieve the most investment. These include road and public lighting, ecosystem migration, town center revitalization, access to care and services, and business.
… management?
These investments are aimed at improving the working conditions of agents: digital tools, rehabilitation of community technical centers …

What are the disagreements?

The budget was adopted with 71 votes in favor, 9 votes against, and 5 abstentions.
“Not enough projects, too much tax”. A discussion raised by two opponents of Poitiers. François Blanchard (Human-scale Poitiers): “” Our residents, if they are owners, will charge higher parking and bus charges. Our company pays more because they are hiring. And this without benefiting from the new service.Your 2022 budget is not a social shield and will not build the future of our territory.. »»
Anthony Brotier (our priority is you): “” Classic themes such as roads, sports and culture blend into your political axis. But some abandonment is obvious. Rehabilitation of social housing, participation in arenas to reduce sports budgets, and increased citizen and corporate locations at the center of taxes, but not investment. »»
“Unexpected costs”. Alain Claeys (Human-scale Poitiers): “” Index point [des fonctionnaires] Will increase. How are these additional costs covered? »» Claude Eidelstein, who was elected to finance, said a revision decision would be made when the amount was known.
“Insufficient territorial fairness”.. Jérôme Neveux (Mayor of Jaunay-Marigny): “” These investments do not meet the need for territorial equity between the central city and the territory. »»

Mobility and housing have also sparked debate. We will return to this in future editions.

Key number

> Main budget
– work. Revenue of € 153.5 million for expenditure of € 142.2 million. The tax rate does not change.
–Investment. 42.4 million euros (see above).
> Additional budget (water, sanitation, mobility, waste collection and collection, household waste collection, heating network, real estate leasing, business parks, parking, community development). Total: € 119 million investment and € 32 million investment.
Taxation: Mobility payment rate, 1.8%; Household waste collection: The tax rate is maintained, but the rate of charges (in the case of the municipalities of the former communities of Bienne and Muriere and Payschauvinois) is increasing.