Where can I find information about the company?

Whether you are a company customer, supplier, employee, or future investor, it is always important to know about the latter. In France, businesses need to ensure transparency with respect to financial or other specific information. Today, let’s take a look at where to find information about the company.

Search for business directory information

A company directory is a database that provides access to a variety of company information. This tool provides access to specific data through targeted searches.In France, all companies Siren number.. The various SIRET numbers of the company are linked to this, depending on the number of entities created that are physically different from the headquarters. All this information is put together in a management directory that is updated regularly.

Business directories classify companies according to various criteria, including: Geographical area, Types of activities, Legal category Or even Economic standards.. Therefore, this type of tool can access information based on a targeted search. The main purpose of these directories is to give you access to information about your company. It then provides information about the latter activities, products and services. To verify the authenticity of your directory, you need to make sure that the information provided is updated on a regular basis.

As a business, we recommend that you register in this directory. Indeed, it offers many benefits.It can be you Prospect, To identify When To access To the contact information of the target company inform Your information, generation Hearing, Verify Check if certain information is correct or if payment for a particular member is delayed.

Information that can be accessed

Depending on what you want to find in the information, you need to look at different factors. Whether it’s an annual report, website, or press release, you’ll have access to financial news, entrepreneurial news, and much more.

About the annual report

Providing an annual report is essential for the majority of companies.This is mainly Shareholders social. This document provides important business information.After the end offiscal yearAn annual report is written, a period during which the company records all the economic facts related to it.The latter includes the main Accounting documents A company that can know the performance achieved by the company in question, such as the balance sheet and income statement.

In the annual report, Activity information Various of the companies during the fiscal year Future outlook to think, strategy Major events that marked implementation, accounting, and fiscal year. The company must publish the report within four months of the end of the fiscal year. We would also like to ask our shareholders to hold an annual general meeting of shareholders within two weeks and obtain their approval.

The annual report is Listed company.. Next, they need to submit it to the register of the Commercial Court and send it to various shareholders. If so, they will be fixed. Public limited companies (SA), partnerships (SNC), and limited liability companies (SARL) are the main companies involved in this report.

Therefore, by accessing this report, Profit and loss Not only in the company’s financial statements, but also in the president’s comments on the results obtained that year.

About press releases

Press release (PR) Basic press relations tool Communication of information to the general public. This short document is sent to journalists to inform them of events that are important to the company. It plays an important role in the image of the company. The latter can decide to issue a press release if:

  • of New contract.
  • of merger.
  • ofGet.
  • of Turn around.

She can also decide to do Know about your benefits Or other information that is considered important to the image. By paying attention to the published press release, you can know the financial condition of the company.

On the website

The company website will tell you about your health.Indeed, the latter can decide to publish information aboutEntrepreneur news, Annual report, Quarterly financial statements And all Press release existing. You may also have access to various reports written about the industry.

This website contains various speeches and presentations by administrative staff, as well as Analyst report.. These make it possible to evaluate and compare actors in society.Finally, you can access Webcast Meetings and other interviews. These are also important information to get the idea of ​​the company well.