What is the health policy of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region by 2025?

What are the expectations and needs of the residents of New Aquitaine in terms of health within the territory and the silver economy? What is the answer to give? The Nouvelle-Aquitaine District Council is developing a roadmap for the region until 2025.

He chose to build it through on-site consultations in four stages. It started in Limoges on April 6th and the other days in Poitiers, Saint Paul Redax and Bordeaux.

What kind of action field is it?

“The region is not intended to act on the basis of everything or ability, but it has the means, support and investment areas of action that it is responsible for,” said the deputy in charge of these. President Francoise Janson explained. Files within the local agency.

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And, for example, “funding nearly 80% of medical professionals (physiotherapists, nurses, caregivers, etc.) for initial training, multidisciplinary medical centers, telemedicine, accommodation for trainees, start. -Financial support for the project. Up to “up to 45 million euros” over the last three years and investment in companies, research (20 million euros over four years), prevention among high school students, job seekers …

Francoise Janson, Vice President of Health for the Local Assembly

Three major challenges

This future roadmap defines three key challenges. Public health (prevention, environment, physical activity, youth health, etc.). Competitiveness, research and re-industrialization. Or even access to caregivers and caregivers.

Each organized a brainstorming workshop with representatives from Haute-Vienne, Cruise, Correze, Dordogne, Charente, social protection groups, the business community, research or disability, and the community of medical professionals.

Generate new ideas

For example, what is the purpose of the theme of access to care? Identify the means of intervention, new ideas on the issue of medical abandonment, and the appeal of the profession. “We look forward to a kaleidoscope that is a mosaic of solutions,” said François Vincent, one of the leaders of the workshop, a doctor, a regional councilor and vice president of Gérontopôle de Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

What new organizations and collaboration practices do you support? How do you consider spouse employment? In particular, how can the region accelerate the deployment of digital technology to promote the care of dependents? Among the answers are support for increasing use by digital advisors or local stakeholders (elected officials, retired doctors, family caregivers, etc.). Strengthen training of future medical professionals on this subject. The battle with the so-called white zone.

Announced in the fall of 2022

Some tracks in the surge of sorting, compositing, and suggestions created. The roadmap for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region should then be submitted to the plenary session at the beginning of 2022.

Helen Pommier