War in Ukraine-Ukrainian Refugees in France: Where can I find out about your rights?


Since the beginning of the conflict, more than 5 million Ukrainians have fled from war-torn countries to European countries. Ukrainian refugees benefit from an exceptional temporary protection scheme for the entire European Union approved by a decision of the Council of the European Union on March 4, 2022. Service-Public.fr Provides official sources aimed at helping Ukrainian refugees in France.

Under the right of “” Temporary protection »» Throughout the European Union, those exiled from Ukraine due to conflict have several rights.

  • Residence rights;
  • Access to the labor market.
  • Access to housing;
  • Welfare;
  • Medical assistance;
  • Legal guardianship rights to unaccompanied minors and access to education.

this “” Temporary protection »» It is applied for one year and can be extended.

The ministries provide information on questions from French and Ukrainian citizens, as well as contact points and important information to answer them. Service-Public.fr Collect them on this page.

Reception and accommodation

File in his situation in Ukraine

The Ministry of Home Affairs also offers online training offers to learn French

You can also refer to the crisis-specific section of Ukraine

Information on the rights and acceptance of refugees can be accessed on the official Ukrainian platform.

Local Cohesion and Relations with Local Governments The Ministry provides frequently asked questions for local governments and their groups (FAQ).

Access to health and care

The Ministry of Solidarites provides a dedicated file, “Acceptance of Ukrainian Refugees in France-Health and Solidarity: Information to Remember”

Universal health protection and direct rights to complementary health are open to Ukrainians in refugees who are benefiting from temporary protection.Please see the dedicated page

School education and research

The Ministry of Education provides documents for the acceptance and school education of Ukrainian children

Teachers who welcome or welcome children and teenagers arriving from Ukraine can take the Magistère training course.

Students benefiting from temporary protection can apply for enrollment in higher education in France by contacting the French campus.