Walmart Canada has invested $ 118 million to build a new distribution center in the Calgary region.

This investment is part of a retailer’s plan to expand, revolutionize and transform its best-in-class supply chain network while enhancing its e-commerce capabilities to better serve Wal-Mart’s customers.This is part of Wal-Mart Canada’s $ 3.5 billion investment, and retailers plan to invest to continue to grow, making the online and in-store shopping experience easier, faster, and more convenient. Alberta And everywhere Canada..

Delivery and sorting center is 10LowesRd. Located at approximately 430,000 square feet, it serves as a delivery hub for millions of customer orders in Western Canada. It is scheduled to open in September 2022. Walmart customers have better product availability and faster, whether they shop in-store or online at, where millions of products are offered at low daily prices in Walmart Canada. You will benefit from the service.

This modern facility utilizes state-of-the-art logistics technology to increase productivity with less physical effort. For the first time in Wal-Mart Canada, Gray Orange’s innovative robotic technology will be used in distribution centers. The platform accelerates order processing with an advanced operating system that helps associates store, select, and sort items with smart and flexible storage capabilities to manage various inventories. increase. As a result, the order processing process is faster, easier and more efficient.

Highlights of the new distribution centerAlberta :

  • The ability to ship 20 million items annually from the facility to Wal-Mart customers.
  • Ability to store 500,000 items to accommodate orders delivered directly to your home or received at your store.
  • Designed to optimize packaging, minimize waste, and reduce shipping costs.
  • It has created more than 325 new jobs at Wal-Mart, as well as construction and engineering jobs.
  • Interested parties can apply for a fulfillment center job at

Walmart highlights Alberta :

  • Wal-Mart Canada has been proudly serving Alberta since 1994.
  • Me’Alberta A major state in Wal-Mart, it has 61 stores, 4 distribution centers and employs more than 16,000 people.
  • In 2021, Wal-Mart invested more than $ 50 million in store improvements. Alberta..
  • Wal-Mart recently purchased about $ 200 million worth of products from a supplier based in. Alberta Over a period of 12 months.
  • In 2021, Wal-Mart added more than 100 new Canadian suppliers. this is, Alberta..

Wal-Mart is proud to work with approximately 2,100 Canadian suppliers daily.This helps to stimulate the economy of Canada Offering new opportunities for Canadians.

“We are very proud to be able to invest in a new distribution center in the region. Calgary It will create jobs, stimulate the economy and provide faster service to customers. ” Oracio Barbato, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart Canada. “This modern facility provides employees with the latest logistics technology to improve their supply chain. It offers more products, processes more orders and more Canada. This means that people will have two days of delivery available. This is a way to transform our business to meet the needs of Alberta and all Canadians. »»

” Me’Alberta We are proud to welcome further investment in the state. We have the space, talent and competitive advantage to build and grow big companies like Wal-Mart here, “said the Prime Minister. “Wal-Mart’s Choice to Serve Customers in Western Canada Calgary This is another signal to the world that our state is returning stronger than ever. »»

“Wal-Mart’s investment in the state is another indicator that a competitive business environment is what big companies are looking for,” he said. Doug SchweitzerMinister of Employment, Economy and InnovationAlberta.. “This new distribution center not only creates jobs in Alberta in the short and long term, but also enhances the customer experience across western Canada. »»

“Retail is changing, Wal-Mart Canada Alberta And everywhere Canada Strengthen the supply chain network. ” John Bayliss, Wal-Mart Canada, Executive Vice President, Chief Transformation Officer. “Walmart Canada continues its journey of transformation, and this investment will enable us to serve our western Canada customers today and in the future. »»

“We are excited to open a new high-tech distribution center. Calgary “, Said Patricio Dalan, Wal-Mart Canada, Senior Vice President of Omni Supply Chain. “Our customers deserve the best experience when buying from us. This investment allows us to deliver more items to more households faster than ever before.” I. We are proud to invest in growth in western Canada while at the same time improving our supply chain to provide more to Canadians. »»

About Walmart Canada
Walmart Canada operates a network of more than 400 stores nationwide, serving 1.5 million Canadians daily. Walmart Canada Online Store,, Over 1.5 million customers visit every day. Walmart Canada is one of the largest employers in the country. Wal-Mart Canada has more than 100,000 employees and is ranked among the top 10 most influential brands in the country. Walmart Canada recently ranked on one of LinkedIn’s most popular companies. 2021 and Also named as one of the most popular brands in Canada (According to Google search results). Wal-Mart Canada is committed to acting for revitalization, with a focus on equitable opportunities, sustainability, community support, and the promotion of standards of ethics and integrity. Since 1994, Wal-Mart has raised over $ 500 million and donated it to Canadian charities. For additional information, see and the page-Facebook, twitterWal-Mart Instagram and LinkedIn.

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