WALLIX: WALLIX PAM4ALL: Protecting All Digital Access and Important Issues for Organizations-April 14, 2022 08:00

  • With the use of digital exponential and cybercrime being considered the third largest economy in the world, the need to protect an organization’s IT infrastructure and access to sensitive data has never been greater. increase.

  • By protecting all IT access, organizations can ensure business continuity and compliance with regulatory requirements while maintaining agility (employee mobility). Make your data accessible to everyone for innovation and competitiveness.

  • To address these challenges,


    We have formulated and proposed a vision of “a map for all”.


    An integrated solution that combines all WALLIX technologies to protect all user access (human or machine) within an organization, according to the principle of least privilege.

Paris, April 14, 2022

– To meet new digital challenges


(Euronext ALLIX) European publisher of cybersecurity software and expert in access and identity protection

Has developed a vision of “PAM for all” to enable customers to be assured of a secure digital transformation promise for all. To realize this vision, WALLIX offers WALLIX PAM4ALL. It’s an integrated solution that integrates all of WALLIX’s technologies to protect the risks and workstations of all users in your organization, not just to protect privileged accounts, but to follow the principle of least privilege.

New digital challenge

The need to protect access to organizational data has never been greater. With the pandemic, our world is experiencing an accelerating digital transformation (standardization of telework, larger scale of cloud services, significant increase in the number of mobile devices, etc.). These new uses enable the organization to continue its activities during these long months of confinement, significantly increasing the number of access points to the organization’s IT infrastructure. So many new potential gateways for hackers who need urgent protection to protect their data. The results for 2021 are clear. 40 billion personal data have been hacked, an increase of 78% compared to 2020.



This victim increases as cybercrime becomes industrialized, thus significantly increasing the cyber risk that puts pressure on our economy. Today, hacker organizations operate like businesses. Cybercrime is considered the third largest economy in the world. In 2021, its global cost is estimated at $ 600 million, compared to $ 300 million in 2015, at $ 10.5 billion by 2025.


.. This cost includes damage and destruction of personal and / or financial data, money theft, loss of productivity, embezzlement, fraud, as well as intellectual property theft and reputational loss. You also need to consider the costs caused by disruption of your organization’s activities, and the costs that can be long-term after an attack, and finally, the investment required to restore hacked data and systems.

We live in a paradigm shift where perimeter security no longer exists, users (humans or machines) are becoming more and more mobile, and they need to access organizational data anytime, anywhere. The data itself becomes unstable (cloud storage, SaaS solutions, automation, etc.) in order to control costs and gain agility. It respects the requirements of all sectors, especially risk management and data protection regulations, while urgently protecting all these access to ensure business continuity, health, industry and insurance. Related to the most important sectors such as public services. To continue to innovate and be financially competitive, we need to make our data accessible to everyone.


In today’s situation, organizations have an urgent need to protect IT access as well as the most sensitive accounts (privileged accounts). WALLIX PAM4ALL is an integrated solution that combines all WALLIX technologies, not only protecting privileged accounts, but also protecting access to all users and their workstations according to the principle of least privilege, malware and ransomware contamination. Avoid. At some point, all users have the privilege of day-to-day operations to access certain digital resources in their organization. The challenge is to provide access for users to perform their expected tasks at the right time and with the right level of privileges, whether inside or outside the company.

WALLIX PAM4ALL provides access control and visibility.

  • Of all users

    : Employees, suppliers, partners, humans or machines …

  • for

    All sessions

  • Above all

    Strategic corporate assets

  • Above all

    Company terminal

To do this, WALLIX PAM4ALL combines WALLIX technology into one solution.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA):

To neutralize the risks associated with compromised credentials

  • Remote access management:

To give remote access to vendors, employees, or third-party maintainers

  • Session management:

To monitor, track and audit sessions

  • Password management:

Password and key protection and rotation, and removal of hard-coded passwords

  • Minimum privilege management:

It stops the spread of malware by granting the right users the necessary access at the right time and blocking horizontal and vertical movement in the network.


WALLIX PAM4ALL promises secure digital transformation for all organizations in a rapidly changing digital context. With PAM4ALL, you can quickly set up a zero trust architecture and integrate traceability thanks to strong user authentication, personalized access control for each user (human or machine), and timely timing (just in time). I can do it. To IS. It has a dynamic vision of activity on the network and has the potential to protect itself from advanced threats, especially malicious software. WALLIX PAM4ALL is scalable to meet many of our customers’ challenges, including the security of user accounts, keys, and certificates required for automation and DevOps practices. Therefore, it provides the ability to protect your DevOps environment regardless of the type of automation platform you use, without exposing the identifier in plain text. Therefore, our offer allows IT administrators to apply the company’s access control policies at the required privilege level while maintaining the agility that development teams expect. PAM4ALL is an effective and easy way to apply password rotation best practices without fear of interrupting or interrupting the process.

” explanation

Edwige Brossard, Product and Marketing Director of WALLIX



The publisher of cybersecurity software, WALLIX, is a European specialist specializing in access and identity protection. WALLIX PAM4ALL, an integrated privileged solution, enables enterprises to meet current data protection challenges. Guarantee the detection and resilience of cyber attacks and ensure business continuity. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for access to IT infrastructure and critical data. WALLIX PAM4ALL is distributed by a network of over 300 resellers and integrators worldwide. Listed on Euronext (ALLIX), WALLIX supports more than 1,900 organizations in the protection of digital transformation. WALLIX is a founding member of the HEXATRUST Group, is included in Futur40, the first ranking of stock market growth companies published by Forbes France, and is part of the Tech40 Index.

WALLIX confirms its digital responsibilities and promises to contribute to the construction of a digital confidence space in Europe, the security and confidentiality of personal data concerned about the protection of digital identities and respect for his private life as well as organizations. Guarantee sex. Digital technology must be ethical and responsible for experiencing a social digital transformation that is safe and respects personal freedom, whether for professional or personal use.



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