Vivid Money lifts veil with new update

The menu for the evolution of this investment platform, which takes pride in 2.0, has new features. Vivid is redesigning its reward model, especially through Cashback 2.0. Prime users will now receive 1% cash back on every card payment. This is 10 times higher than before.

The financial services platform brings all your daily financial operations together in one application, offering new features as part of the release of version 2.0 of the application.

Vivid 2.0 brings the functionality that the community wants to your app. A savings plan and a brand new cashback program. Vibrant clients can now set up a free savings plan to regularly invest in over 3,000 stocks and ETFs, as well as precious metals such as gold and silver.

Vivid 2.0 also includes a new version of the already popular cashback program. With Cashback 2.0, Prime customers are getting more cashback and standard users are now rewarded for each purchase.

Vivid’s cashback program is one of the most popular features in the community. This will allow customers to receive even more cash back. Vivid increases cashback by increasing cashback to 1% on all card payments made by Vivid Prime customers. Previously, the customer received 0.1%. At the same time, standard customers now receive 0.2% cash back on all card payments. Prime customers will continue to receive 3% cash back on payments made at restaurants outside the European Economic Area. To unlock Cashback 2.0, Vivid customers must make a total of € 500 card payment within one month. All card payments are counted, whether made with a physical card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or an online purchase.

To commemorate the launch of Cashback 2.0, all customers will have access to the new cashback program in March and April, whether they have a free standard account or a prime plan of € 9.90 per month. increase.

Vivid Invest has significantly lowered the barriers to entry into the investment universe. With easy access, free learning resources, Vivid Beat social / community trading capabilities, and finally, some of the most affordable pricing, Vivid customers can make money directly through the Vivid mobile app business. I can do it. A single investment is not enough if it is known that the investment is often intended to prepare for preventive savings or retirement. Savings plans allow Vivid customers to regularly invest the exact amount they want to secure, starting at € 1. With the ability to invest in over 3,000 US and European equities, ETFs and precious metals, the Vivid Invest Savings Plan helps you create a diverse, secure and future-oriented portfolio. Vibrant customers have real-time access to their savings plans and can move money to other envelopes for direct access as needed.

Investing in stocks and ETFs is free for all users. For investment in precious metals, free users will be charged a 1% fee and prime plan users will be charged a 0.5% fee per transaction.