VISIATIV: VISIATIV Announces “VISIATIV Innovation Platform” to Accelerate SME / ETI Digital, Social and Environmental Transformation-March 23, 2022 17:45

The Visiativ Innovation Platform allows SMEs and ETIs to identify key performance levers, create digital transformation roadmaps, deploy solutions, and share know-how and experience with peers.

The Visiativ Agora architecture is an open, modular, robust, scalable and secure cloud architecture that fully integrates with information and business systems thanks to its open API design.

The new Visiativ brand strategy supports Visiativ’s promises, identities, and tomorrow’s French companies, strengthening their commitment to working internationally with their innovations and new business models.

Lyon, March 23, 2022 – 6:00 pm Visiativ, a specialist in digital transformation and innovation for SMEs and ETI, is listed in Euronext Growth (FR0004029478, ALVIV) in Paris.

Leveraging its experience with over 21,000 SME / ETI customers, Digital Transformation and Innovation Specialist Visiativ has announced the launch of a new “Visiativ Innovation Platform”.

A true catalyst in the ecosystem, Visitoriv features three key aspects: advice, solutions and community.

The purpose of the Visiativ Innovation Platform is to provide enterprises with continuity of local services, accelerate enterprise innovation, improve competitiveness and respect enterprise commitments in terms of sustainable development.

Leader’s ally “Visiativ Innovation Platform”

Tomorrow’s company will be a network. A platform company that connects employees, customers, products and partners.

Designed for customers who are tired of siled applications and want to improve their performance through digital transformation and innovation, this platform enables SMEs and ETIs to:

  • Make a difference through fast, flexible online targeted diagnostics

  • To gather company knowledge, identify the current stage of change, and embark managers and employees on the next change

  • Identify ways to improve performance, create the right roadmap for the required transformation, and deploy proven solutions

  • Join a community of leaders, professionals and users.

The platform will also implement new SaaS business applications.

  • Visiativ Transformation Pilot: A dashboard that brings together the non-financial data needed by managers and their change leaders to make decisions and manage company transformations in one place.

  • Visiativ customer service. Update the distributor network and its customers’ experience by providing the right information at the right time through the portal.

  • Visiativ Quality Management ensures total and digital quality implementation with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees in an efficient and traceable way from start to finish.

  • Visiativ Employee Engagement provides employees with the tools and information they need to develop, connect to the ecosystem, and be productive.

Laurent Fiard, Chairman and CEO of Visiativ, said:

The Visiativ Innovation Platform integrates all of our expertise for the first time. To maximize the value of our support to our customers, consulting, deployment solutions and services, and communities are all under one roof. Our innovation platform enables clients to take action quickly and easily to transform their business.


Visiativ Agora, a new technology architecture, opens the company for more performance

This new architecture is open, scalable, modular, secure, robust and connects to customer front and back office systems. It connects Visitiv’s technology stack with core business solutions, from business processes to enterprise data such as technical services, solutions and infrastructure. This architecture makes it easier for customers to collaborate with their own customers and partner ecosystems, while simplifying internal communication and maximizing the value of enterprise data.

Therefore, you can access your company’s data to better service your transactions.

“I am truly grateful to Visiativ for its ability to provide the Visiativ innovation platform. Not only adapted advice, but also the execution of downstream transformation projects?”

Benjamin BALATIN, the transformation director of Fermob, commented.

“Visiativ has this unique skill of knowing and knowing how to talk to small businesses, ETIs, and their managers. Beyond advice, their support can help you quickly deploy“ ready-to-use ”solutions. It’s done »

A new modern and simplified brand identity that reflects the value proposition

Visiativ reveals that promise. “Sharing is growing” *. This reflects the company’s desire to coalesce and engage in becoming a long-term partner. Visiativ puts people at the center of its approach through concrete values ​​of co-development, trust, ingenuity and adaptability. The company also made the bold decision to group its solutions and services into a single Visitoriv brand to make its offerings more accessible and readable.

Laurent Fiard adds:

“For 35 years, our mission has been to support our customers’ digital transformation journey. Our new, more modern, vibrant, vibrant and dynamic brand identity and solutions. The simplification of the name helps customers, collaborators, partners and investors better understand who we are. »»

* Sharing is progress


Visiativ’s mission is to make digital transformation a corporate performance lever. We do this by building in collaboration with our clients in the long run. This is summarized by our promise of “sharing and growing.”

Solutions and services for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring change with a unique and innovative approach through the three pillars of consulting (advice and support), engagement (solution and deployment), and connect (community exchange and sharing). Supports clients by providing. Visiativ generated € 214 million in revenue in 2021 thanks to more than 35 years of experience with more than 21,000 SME and ETI customers. It exists in France and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, USA, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands). , UK, Switzerland) Visitiv has more than 1,100 employees.

Visiativ (ISIN code FR0004029478, ALVIV) is listed in Euronext Growth in Paris. The action is eligible for PEA and PEA-PME.

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