VAPORESSO will start rebranding at VAP EXPO with the announcement of a new logo

Shenzhen, China, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —VAP EXPO is underway in Lille, France.The world-famous vaping brand VAPORESSO has been launched A redesign campaign with a new logo. Introducing iTank, GTi Coil, the new Gen 200, 80S and FIT kits, the brand was pleased to share new aesthetic shapes, visions and products with local partners, suppliers and customers.

New logo, new image designed for vapers

The new VAPORESSO logo has the letter “V” in the foreground and is surrounded by the letter “O”.

The “O” symbolizes an open steam ring. The “O” represents not only the visuals, but also the joy, love and hope that the brand brings. The “V” symbolizes the passion that characterizes the vaping community, an ode to vapers that VAPORESSO has built and cooperated with.

“V” and “O” are symbols that define VAPORESSO. In a journey that pushes the boundaries, we stick to the hearts and ambitions of craftsmen. Use in-house technology and expertise to grow with your users and exceed your expectations and limits. »»

The announcement of the new VAPORESSO logo is part of the brand identity change announced next month.

New products, unparalleled innovation

On sale, VAPORESSO introduced the latest technologies and products to vapers and distributors. Products include the iTank, GTi antenna platform, GEN 200, 80S and FIT launched in 2021 with a patented turbo airflow system.

The compact and portable GEN200 and 80S are the lightest dual battery kits on the market, and GEN FIT provides beginners with a smooth transition to vaping with a pull-and-button activation system and platform. Spray core MTX foam in pulse mode.

Increased care for vapers, and more in the future

VAPORESSO recently launched to increase vapers support and care Opened the first flagship store in Marseille, France, December 2021. Positioned as a complete brand experience, the flagship store offers users 4S services (sales, spare parts, services, research). Going forward, VAPORESSO will continue to expand its 4S stores in Paris and other major French cities.

At the start of the event, VAPORESSO also introduced a new after-service system. 48 hours quick response For partners and customers.

VAP EXPO It is one of the most influential e-cigarette exhibitions in the world. Held from April 9th ​​to 11th, this expo is an opportunity for e-cigarette suppliers, sort leaders and other professionals to introduce their brand to the media and interact with the general public.

Since its founding in 2015 VAPORESSO It has established itself as a pioneer brand in the vaping industry with a global footprint. With over 1000 patents, the company continues to grow and is known for its innovative, reliable and stylish ENDS products. VAPORESSO’s parent company, SMOORE International, is the world’s largest manufacturer of e-cigarette products and was first launched in the e-cigarette industry in 2020.

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