Up-to-date information on stress corrosion cracking and adjustment of 2022 nuclear production forecast in France

With the latest information on stress corrosion cracking AdjustmentI’m lying ofEstimates of French nuclear production in 2022

EDF Continue the inspection program and prepare the repair of the relevant pipe parts with the nuclear industryWhens Due to stress corrosion. At this stage 2022, EDF Consideration What he doesNo need to predict Shutdown of new reactor When Adjust him estimate Of production French nuclear power.

The 12 reactors that are currently shut down are affected by the Stress Corrosion Cracking Test (SCC).

  • Welding of RIS (Safety Injection Circuit) and RRA Circuit (Reactor) based on the results of metallurgical expertise performed on samples taken from the pipes of the auxiliary circuits of the Civaux 1, Chooz 1 and Penly 1 reactors. It was confirmed that SCC was present near the department. The cooling circuit has shut down).
  • The checks and expertise performed on the Chinon B3 confirm that the RIS circuit is free of CSCs. The presence of CSC was on the solder of the RRA circuit.
  • Eight other priority reactors (Bugey 3, Bugey 4, Cattenom 3, Civaux 2, Chooz 2, Flamanville 1, Flamanville 2, Golfech 1) are being checked and investigated.

EDF conducted ultrasonography, pipe sample expertise, digital welding simulations, and research to calculate the propagation rate of stress corrosion.
At this stage, these analyzes allow EDF to confirm the slow evolution of stress corrosion and to observe the presence of compression zones that impede the evolution of the phenomenon.

EDF defines an inspection program for the entire nuclear fleet.

  • In 2022, 900 MW series reactors will be inspected as part of a 10-year maintenance program. This involves the reactors of Tricastin 3, Gravelines 3, Dampierre 2, Blayais 1, and Saint Laurent B2.
  • The 1300 MW Series Reactor Inspection Program is created after integrating the lessons learned from ongoing evaluations and inspections in the auxiliary circuits of the Penley 1 Reactor.

At this stage in 2022, EDF believes that it is not necessary to anticipate the shutdown of new reactors in order to carry out these checks.
Discussions are ongoing with the Nuclear Safety Authority on the stress corrosion cracking program.

The nuclear industry has shown unprecedented mobilization to replace parts of the circuits affected by the stress corrosion of the reactors involved.
EDF has begun supplying tubes and elbows to European steelmakers. Production rates are optimized to provide the first spare parts before the summer.
All suppliers qualified to carry out these activities are currently preparing for intervention. Dozens of welders benefit from specific training and training to ensure high quality workmanship.

Given all these factors and the decisions made by EDF to shut down affected reactors and check for potentially affected reactors, ASN will focus on the steps taken by EDF. bottom.

With all these factors, EDF adjusts the 2022 nuclear production estimate to 280-300 TWh from the previous 295-315 TWh.
At this stage, the 2023 nuclear production estimate, or 300-330 TWh, has not changed until the checks and repairs are completed.

As an example, an estimate of the impact of a decline in French nuclear production on the Group’s EBITDA in 2022, based on the state of information available to the Group and based on 2022 future prices as of May 18, 2022. It will be revalued at around -18.5 billion euros.1

Based on these same factors, the EDF Group’s financial outlook at the end of 2023 is adjusted as follows: EFN / EBITDA is about 3x or slightly above 3x and DEA / adjusted EBITDA is about 5x.2,3..

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(1) Customers will be counted for each delivery site after 2018. A customer can have two shipping points. One is for electricity and the other is for gas.
(2) Includes ÉS (Electricité de Strasbourg) and SEI.

1 vs. 14 billion euros See financial communications for the first quarter of 2022 on May 4, 2022.
2 See PR on May 4, 2022, compared to EFN / EBITDA about 3x and DEA / adjusted EBITDA 4.5x to 5x (using constant S & P techniques).
3 Based on 2023 electricity prices as of May 18, 2022, there are no additional regulatory measures.

  • CP-EDF_CCS update and 2022 nuclear power estimate adjustment

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