Ukraine crisis

ladies and gentlemen,

Last Tuesday I chaired an inter-ministerial crisis and coordination unit dedicated to welcoming Ukrainian refugees in France. I remember that since February 25, about 30,000 Ukrainian citizens identified by the border guard have invaded the land. We know that about 10,000 of them are in transit to Spain, Portugal, or the United Kingdom.

France, the Republic of France, has already issued 12,636 temporary residence permits. This is this approval, determined within the framework of the European Union, a simpler process and facilitator, especially work. Also, 83% of the people we welcome are women or children. As you can imagine, the husband or father remained in Ukraine and fought, giving them another opportunity to express their full solidarity with these people in France. ..

Therefore, I am in Nice today. As I have shown further, the Maritime Alps, along with Strasbourg and Paris, make up one of the main entrances to this Ukrainian population. Forty-five percent of these Ukrainians identified in our procedure, to be exact, 13,000, arrived here via Nice and the Maritime Alps. And I want to say right away. And I would like to congratulate all players, Mayor of Nice, services of all states, and associations mobilized to deal with these important trends that have become croissants. And it is the honor of our country. Once again, we responded very quickly and in solidarity to this situation. There is no doubt that this is destined to survive as well as increase.

Today, here in the Alpes Maritimes, the symbolic number of 3,000 temporary residence permits has just been exceeded, today, Governor. We are at a rate of 200-300 per day, which is clearly a strong mobilization for state services. Also, remember that 3,500 Ukrainians have already settled in the Alpes Maritimes, especially Nice.

So the organization is here based on a new location. The responsiveness of the city and the service of the state were immediate, as the load had to be increased and the power had to be increased. Therefore, here he thought to facilitate this reception, whether they were administrative, whether they were medical, and whether they were, of course, related to accommodation or housing. Is to pool every step you can take.

All services are here, not only the services of the state, the services of the city of Nice, but also the association. The French Red Cross guarantees the first reception. I emphasize this continuity. Because in itself it already shows the great humanity that we must always show. These are the people who have dealt with the Red Cross frequently when they left the country in Ukraine, and the fact that they found the Red Cross here in France, especially in Nice, is the continuity of care we owe. Shows them.

As I said, state services are specifically mobilized for all administrative procedures. More than 45 staff were strengthened by civilian guards a few days ago. There are more than 20 active counters we have visited. And obviously, this site has 250 locations, the first emergency shelter for those who can’t find accommodation, which Nice City has rejuvenated at record speed. We visited them with the mayor.

Obviously, it’s an airlock, one night, up to two nights. The next idea is to distribute these people. And according to a system that stopped by the Crisis Management Office on Tuesday, from here Nice, of course, after discussing with them, they will be sent back and distributed to either the PACA area or the Occitanie area. And I also want to say that the bus departs from the beautiful city of Nice to the beautiful department of Gers. So, as we showed on Tuesday, we were able to identify that there are 100,000 accommodations across France to deal with this situation. And of course, and I also gather all the governors tomorrow morning, we have to get ready to stand up at these accommodations.

It’s true everywhere in France, here, especially in Nice, I point out the mobilization of individuals and citizens beyond public institutions and our formidable associative organizations, I offer to accept Ukrainian refugees Meet someone, and it’s in our credit.

Similarly, we prepare for school education for our children. As I mentioned earlier, there are many women with families and children, so it is our duty to prepare and welcome them. Today, Alpes Maritimes has 260 Ukrainian children who are already in school. I talked to the services of the states in my jurisdiction to ensure this increases.

This can be seen as requiring an organization to find an interpreter and promote the acquisition of French. And there was a point I had already had the opportunity to argue, and I was able to see how well it was done in Nice. Since they are people, they are women who want to work more than anything else. Therefore, we also have a professional integration obligation. And the Minister has been fully mobilized to achieve all the conditions of this reception, under the coordination of Marlene Siappa. This, of course, proves national solidarity, but is in deep agreement with our values.

Here in Nice, there is a sense of hospitality that will bring you to the highest point. So, at this first reception center, here we announce to you that we will arm and rejuvenate each region of this nature, then distribute to all departments, relevant regions and show regional solidarity. To do.

Needless to say, this also comes at a cost. Therefore, we plan to provide additional funding to mobilized professional or general organizations. And with regard to local governments, I today announce the principle of national participation in the costs borne by local governments. Communes, many, many have been mobilized, department councils have also been mobilized, and have skills specifically for unaccompanied minors. So, under the patronage of the minister who accompanies me, discussions with a representative association of elected civil servants have been established and it is clear that there are no obstacles to the acceptance of these refugees. We also know that local governments can expect a share to support as a national solidarity.

But again, given the circumstances you are familiar with in Ukraine, this movement is undoubtedly required to take hold over time. We both have to do, as we are well aware that this is their beloved wish-as soon as this is possible, and provided that Ukraine returns to the homes of these people. When peace and freedom are regained-but we can integrate into our country if they so desire, and they can take advantage of the French welcome, and it must be given by us. They must be careful to provide because it is an image that must be and a reality that we must provide.

Thank you very much.