Two veterinary clinics will be built in Ahun and Bourganeuf (cruise)

The merger of Ciate and Bourganeuf-Royère in 2017 was not only HR management but also financially painful. “It took us four years to wipe out our finances,” says Martine Laporte, Vice President of Com-com Creuse Sud-Ouest. The results for 2021 are good and will be in the black. »»

“2022 must be a year of transition between the time limit and the investment period,” adds President Sylvain Gaudy. It’s the year of transition. “The inter-municipal budget that must be voted in April is about 8 million euros.

The project is planned for the coming months and years.

1. Construction of two veterinary clinics

The Communauté was approached by veterinarians in Ahun and Bourganeuf. Experts are worried about imminent retirement and believe their practice is no longer adapted to the needs of patients. “There is a patient flight to the clinics of Gueret and Limoges equipped with radios,” Sylvain Gaudy specifies.

Creuse Sud-Ouest will work with veterinarians to build two clinics. One is in the activity zone Ahun, which belongs to Com-com (accommodates 3 veterinarians), and the other is in the center of Bourganeuf town (for 2-3 people). Veterinarian).

“They will have radio equipment, operating rooms, and analytical laboratories,” he added. There is also a parking space. This should help keep the patient and attract new veterinarians. A studio section will be set up to accommodate internships to attract future professionals.Creuse Sud-Ouest President Sylvain Gaudy and Vice President Martine Laporte

Creuse Sud-Ouest will invest € 1.3 million in the two structures. She wants subsidies from states, regions and Europe. The project should come true in 2023. In Bourganeuf, a compromise has been signed to purchase land near the Maison du Department (old station).

The veterinarian pays the rent. “The goal is to become a white operation for the municipal community over the years,” Martine Laporte hopes.

2. Finally the website

Since the merger of cities, towns and villages and the birth of Creuse Sud-Ouest in 2017, the new entity has not yet had a website. It will be done during 2022. The design of the site was outsourced to the communication agency “Quiplusest” of Clermon.

The project was postponed due to numerous departures and sick leave at the level of the Communauté de Community management team. “We started with a good foundation. We recruited. The team is in place,” Sylvain Gaudy announces. The new Service Director, Vincent Echasserie au, arrived on January 3rd.

3. Research on water, PLUI and waste management

Creuse Sud-Ouest has commissioned an investigation into the transfer of water and sanitation skills. Skill acquisition must be effective by 2026 at the latest. This also allows us to take a snapshot of the state of the network, “said the president.

For household waste, a survey will be conducted this year on the territory of Creuse Sud-Ouest to implement tax incentives for the removal of household waste (mandatory in 2024). Also consider waste disposal.

The President also carries a draft of Inter-Municipal City Planning (PLUI), a strategic tool for land use planning.

4. New venture

Com-com’s support for the local economic structure is greater than this year to help businesses in crisis. An envelope of 50,000 euros is planned.

At the same time, businesses will settle and develop in the area. “We are planning to sell 8 lots at business parks in Bourganeuf and Ahun this year. I have never seen it, please Martine Laporte. It is positive.” Newcomers are public works, paintings, ambulances, We work in a variety of areas, including service stations. “We need to think about creating new zones,” Sylvain Gaudy concludes.

Com-com Creuse Sud-Ouest demonstrates water and sanitation capabilities in 5 years (2021)

Catherine Perot