Twitter: New features cause controversy

For the past few years, the social network Twitter has provided unwavering support in the field of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the vast majority of people working in the field, not just developers, focus their work on the platform by publishing news about their work. Twitter will launch a new feature called an option to edit sent tweets to attract people to its platform. The community is very divided about this.

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Problematic features

The cryptocurrency industry is a source of joy for many, but not too dangerous for others.The proof is more and more Fraud case There are marks on both sides. Indeed, people now know how to take shelter and avoid falling into the scammer’s trap. But they are constantly innovating and finding new tricks. In this context, some people have expressed fear of the Twitter project.

A Twitter user known as Alex Stamos claimed that the potential abuse of editing options was underestimated. Stamos explained that Twitter’s “Edit” button can be used as well for recent Facebook scams where fraudsters used the “Edit” button to legally show fraudulent brokerage firms.

Simply put, the fear of Twitter users is that the site Scammer Mark.. You can target the accounts of users with many followers. Second, if you own an account, you can modify your data to disseminate false information or rely on the following methods: Fool internet users..

Suggestions for avoiding the worst

We need to refocus our position and discussion on the new features Twitter wants to offer. Not all subscribers are against the new feature, and even among those who are against it, many want only one thing. They want to introduce the following mechanisms to social networks: Prevent malicious people To successfully deceive honest people who want to copy other people’s data and invest in cryptocurrencies.

One of the most relayed suggestions to date is the addition of a short delay that allows users to edit a tweet after it’s been sent.Most participants agree 5 minute delay In the meantime, users can edit the tweet to correct the typo. After that, the option to “edit” the tweet will no longer be available.

Details of this feature haven’t been released yet, but Twitter has announced that the change feature has been working for a year and Twitter BlueLabs will start testing. This means that it has been confirmed that this feature will be available in the future. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before users can access it.

As Twitter prepares to release a new feature, people are beginning to worry about misusing this feature. Suggestions for corrections have been received from all sides, but the company has not yet responded.

Source: Bitcoinist

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