Toulouse-Blagnac Airport expects a recovery in 2022 and announces new destinations

ATB wants to recover from the crisis. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport announced on Tuesday the results of 2021 and new destinations for spring and summer. Toulouse Airport recorded 40% of pre-crisis attendance in 2021,However “Contrast numbers” In particular, we will specify Philippe Crébassa, the chairman of the ATB Management Committee. “More dynamic year-end”. International transport, in particular, suffers from restrictions related to the health crisis, accounting for only 36% of the 2019 traffic implemented in 2021. Better for freight: 70% of traffic in 2019 in 2021.

For the first quarter of 2022, January was affected by the Omicron wave and February was very buoyant “We recorded 28,000 passengers per day per week and 17,200 passengers in the eighth week.” : Enough to build confidence in the near future. The airport, which will soon reopen Hall A, has carefully counted 57% of pre-crisis traffic at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Where are you going from Toulouse this summer?

Because the customer “Longing for a trip” Reaffirmed ATB Director Philippe Crébassa. “Confidence in potential rebound”. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport for Spring / Summer 2022 79 destinations from Toulouse (18 domestic, 61 international) That is, 86% of the destinations offered in 2019 are sufficient to qualify for the program. “Ambitious” Estimate the direction of the airport. + 79% of seats will be offered compared to the 2021 summer downturn. For Sun destinations, Cyprus-Larnaca and its diving spots will be available from April 29th. In Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, the offer will be densified and Faro, Agadir will be added … Destinations such as Bergamo, Venice, Rome and Tel Aviv will delight culture and discovery lovers.

Efforts for noise pollution and sustainable development

The ATB recalled the efforts made to reduce greenhouse gases, especially through the development of hydrogen.about Noise pollution managementEnvironmental noise prevention plan adopted in 2010 “Plans to increase the number of residents affected by noise pollution from 15,000 to 8,500 by 2023”And the airport also wants to control these flights “In the middle of the night”.. In addition, a tool called Casper allows residents to measure noise pollution and control flight paths in real time over the Internet.

The country called for partial compensation for losses

Sales at Toulouse Airport have declined significantly in recent years, from € 160 million in 2019 to € 84 million in 2021. “To deal with that, we divided the level of investment by 4 and reduced costs as well.s »»..Partial activity plan will be implemented until the end of 2022 “But no collective action has been taken.” The boss of 290 employees explains. ATB is currently working with other airports in consultation with the state to obtain compensation Finance “So far, the airport has received no special assistance other than progress and general planning such as PGE and long-term partial activities,” so “we get more and contractually. Must claim their rights. “ Philip Crebassa says.

Via photo @AeroportToulouse