Total operating profit as of March 31 increased by 29%

As of March 31, 2022, total revenue from OL Groupe’s activities increased by 29% (ie + 43.5 ME) to reach 193.5 ME (150 ME for N-1). As a reminder of the previous precovid base year, March 31, 2019, total revenue from activities reached 223.8ME, including a trip to the Champions League 1/8 final and 3rd place in L1 for the course. bottom. In the 1/8 final of the Europa League, he finished 10th in L1 on 31/03/22.

Outlook for Fiscal Year 2021/22 and End of Fiscal Year 2022/23

To be on the safe side, programming at the Gulpama Stadium will be held at the end of the 2021/22 season: Gulpama Private Concert (June 3, 2022), Soprano Concert (June 11, 2022), Indochina Concert (June 25). It should be particularly fulfilling in the day). , 2022, 72,000 people). In addition to this exercise, at Groupama Stadium, Ramstein (July 8 and 9, 2022), Rolling Stones (July 19, 2022), Milene Farmer (June 24, 2023), and Five World Cups Will play against rugby (September / October 2023). ) And matches and tournaments (men and women) as part of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Based on the current ranking of 8th at the end of L1’s 36th day, the male professional team will not compete in European competitions during the 2022/23 season (lack of income from European tickets and UEFA TV rights). .. However, as mentioned earlier, the Group will need to benefit from the 2022/23 season from some of the 90 ME allocations associated with the acquisition of shares by the CVC Fund, a new commercial subsidiary of LFP (‘surgery).

Nonetheless, the group relies on its fundamentals, especially the OL Academy, a pillar of its historic strategy, to regain its European status from the 2023/24 season, for the next season and the next season. Reaffirm your sports ambitions. Recent talent expansion from OL training: Maxan Skakelet by 2026 (international midfielder hope), young talent Mohammed El Arroche by 2025 (international U18 and Ganbal de la Cup 2022 victory) Hero), and the captain’s female team Wendy Leonard until 2026 testify to this reaffirmed strategy. These extensions are compliant with the extensions already implemented by Sekou LEGA, Castello LUKEBA, Bradley BARCOLA, Samuel BOSSIWA and Kayne BONNEVIE since January 2022.

Strategic roadmap

Despite the health crisis that occurred in March 2020, OL Groupe chose to carry out all strategic projects, especially the project to build a new event room 100% carried out by OL Groupe on the OL Valley site. bottom. ..

Financing totaling 141 ME of this investment was completed on May 2, in the form of shares / subordinated shares (51 ME), including real estate leases (net 90 ME in 15 years) and issuance of TSDI (51 ME). It has been constructed. 10.5 ME non-dated subordinated securities), 18.5 ME OR (recovery bond) issuance, and resources from 22 ME OL Groupe (see press release 02/05/22).

With the work started in January 2022, we can expect a test run at the end of 2023.

In terms of debt, OL Groupe is pursuing the goal of long-term refinancing of two PGEs (€ 169 million), especially relying on all government measures that can be rejuvenated.

OL Groupe will continue to carry out development projects within the framework of the guidelines set by the Board of Directors, converging the financial structure strengthening projects announced on February 15, 2022 as much as possible, and Pathé and IDG Capital. Announced that on March 8, 2022, it began valuing strategic and financial options for each of OL Groupe’s shares. This work is part of the logic of directional continuity and persistence. As shown on April 22, OL Groupe recognizes the fact that investors have expressed interest in light of the businesses that will allow them to withdraw from the putty and IDG Capital funding rounds. I am. Some are interested in participating in strengthening the company’s financial structure. OL Groupe’s general management continues to be mobilized to ensure that this process can be completed under the best possible conditions for all shareholders, including the company and minority shareholders. However, it is uncertain whether the work currently in progress will lead to an operation, and if so, whether the schedule will lead to the conditions or structure of such an operation.

As shown in the October 26, 2021 press release, OL Groupe now believes that the medium-term goals announced prior to the Health Crisis are relevant to the future of OL Groupe. If the resumption of activities is confirmed, OL Groupe will achieve approximately 400ME to 420ME activities (assuming Europa League qualifications, including player transactions) and total revenue from EBITDA at the end of the 2024/25 season. I am aiming to do it. Targets over 100ME. However, these goals are still subject to certain uncertainties and may be modified, especially depending on the outcome of work on strengthening equity and the dynamics of recovery.

Next Press Release: Revenues for Fiscal Year 2021/22, July 25, 2022, after the closure of the Euronext market.