This vegetable bacon that fascinates investors … and gourmet

After the meatless steak, here is the pork without pork! life Thanks to innovative patented technology, we provide consumers who are worried about their health and planetary bacon and vegetable lardon.

The company wants to address well-known concerns by helping to reduce intensive farming and its harmful consequences while maintaining the desire to eat meat. The two entrepreneurs were unanimous and wanted to recreate what we liked with meat. Remove animals from the equation “.

Find a good taste of fat

The problem is that when you’re an amateur, or even a “meat lover,” you like this delicious and typical taste of animal protein. And when choosing products made with pork belly such as smoked ribs and bacon, that’s because you also want to have a fat taste in your mouth.We are here life, And why this startup is unique in the world of plant-based alternatives. On the contrary, fat is no longer hidden, but it has no drawbacks.

Two enthusiastic creators

Vincent Poulichet and Nicolas Schweitzer, the two founders of life Very permanent. The startup was created 3 years ago. That period was needed to develop the technology and test some … 5,000 recipes. As a result, a patent has been filed for the development of this very special “vegetable fat”. It is certainly this discovery that gives the taste the sensation we want to find with quiche bacon bits, pasta carbonara, or mixed salads.

Lardon is like vegetable bacon life Acts like “real” 100% pork bacon in a pan, cooks, crumples and crumples. In other words, you “live” in cooking. life Today, vegetable alternatives focus on texture, lean meat taste, without seeking or restoring the taste of fat, so it is currently having this technology. ..

Vincent, a fat scientist expert

Vincent Priche is an intellectual of the duo in the sense that he is a researcher with a high-end scientific profile. He grew up in the South and then went on a long history of science in France, but that’s not all. He is familiar with the Anglo-Saxon world and studied in England. Imperial College LondonIn Ireland Trinity College Dublin Or in Australia, before spending two years at a high school as a postdoc. In 2019, he launched directly with Nicolas Schweitzer, the startup that was called at the time. Grand GusierBefore becoming 77 Food And finally life From the end of last year.

Solidarity Entrepreneur Nicholas Schweizer

The young man also has an international background and he worked very early abroad as a humanitarian volunteer. He spent a year at the University of Seoul and moved to HEC Montreal and Sciences Po Paris to create a complete profile focusing on economics, IT and business. After his first job at his startup, he soon founded his own FinTech, which specializes in microcredit.Startups are particularly successful in Asia and will soon be acquired by the company Radiant.. After that, Nicholas Schweizer became an investor. He continued his activities as a co-founder in March 2019, life..

Nonconformist approach

The two men are now professionally at the pinnacle of happiness after successfully performing good funding that allows them to push the accelerator of Michael & Augustin, They adopt a dynamic, comfortable, incompatible tone in their message and do not undermine the seriousness of their approach. This desire to break very traditional market norms is made through packaging, very hilarious social networks, and global communication.

Flying start

Marketing started with good support and the co-founders decided to attack several fronts from the end of 2021. intersection I referred to the products to test them and quickly realized their potential. The much higher rotation than expected proves that the concept quickly found a fan of that target, or rather its target: vegan, flexitarian, or pork-free products. The founders also insist on targeting restaurants. life We have entered into specific partnerships from the beginning to test the product and work with brands such as: Pokawa, copper brunch, taster… A recipe has been developed that incorporates products that do not use pork.Finally, vegetable bacon can also be found by courier cajoo..

25 million for real fun

Have fun … Of course, grow your business. To date, production has taken place in Vendée’s culinary workshops, with a team of about 30 working for the startup. This funding was essential to moving forward. To achieve this, the co-founders went to meet all the major players who are committed to the climate of France and Europe to convince them of their approach and the value of their products. .. So it’s not surprising that Tech has some celebrities in this funding round. Who invested? Not only an environmentally interested personality like Natalie Portman, Blablacar, Vinted, Back MarketWhen Autory, Don’t forget more traditional partners such as Sevencher, Pirtek, Oyster Bay, Capagro, Entrepreneur First When Capital blue..

Year of all challenges

With this € 25 million funding, new projects will be able to see the light of day already precisely defined.To increase the volume for good results in intersection, The founder invests in the retail sector in France and Europe. The second project, still downstream, wants to support certain investments in the highly influential catering sector by working with chefs from specific brands to propose new recipes. Finally, this effort also focuses on product innovation, as it is imperative to always select and expand the scope of very short ingredient lists as it is today.

20 million people can be seen

Obviously, this includes R & D, commercial, and marketing profile hires, with a total of about 40 planned global hires. Needless to say, the international side is not forgotten. In particular, we are willing to go to bacon-loving countries, the United Kingdom, an essential and fast-growing target. Finally, they have clear goals for 2022. It is to reach sales of 20 million euros. Very good outlook.

Alice D.