The main beneficial impact on Rousseau

The budget for 2022-2023, presented by Finance Minister Eric Girard on March 21, is optimistically welcomed by Rousseau’s MNA, Louis Charles Touin. In fact, over the next five years, a total of more than $ 22 billion is planned to help Quebec’s citizens and businesses, which will have a significant impact on Rousseau’s ride quality.

“Budget 2022-2023 proposes many measures to develop the economy of our region and maximize Quebec’s growth potential. Sound economic power and financial management. Thanks to this, there is a way to invest in the state’s key mission to better meet the needs of its citizens, especially by restoring the health system, “says Louis Charles. Thouin.

The announced measures, among other things, will enable you to:

  • Deal with rising living expenses.
  • Restore your health system.
  • Invest in education and higher education.
  • Stimulate economic growth.
  • Pursue environmental behavior.
  • Strengthen community behavior and support the community.

$ 3.8 billion to deal with rising living costs

The government is currently investing in incomes of less than $ 100,000 to give temporary amounts to $ 500 million to 6.4 million people. This one-time amount, automatically paid by Revenu Qu├ębec to all eligible adults, adds to the exceptional benefits of living expenses granted to beneficiaries of the joint tax credit at the beginning of the year. To help low-income households struggling to find suitable housing, the budget 2022-2023 will provide a total investment of $ 634 million over six years. We are there to assist promoters and organizations submitting projects to increase the supply of social housing and affordable housing for Rousseau citizens.

$ 8.9 billion to restore health care system

It is imperative that Rousseau citizens be able to contact medical professionals when they are ill. The government is currently investing $ 8.9 million over the next five years, donating $ 5.2 billion to restore the health and social services system, and $ 3.7 billion to improve care and services to the public. By doing so, we are beginning to restore our health and social services system.

$ 2.8 billion to invest in education and higher education

For a more modern, efficient and innovative education system, Budget 2022-2023 goes to education and higher education to support academic success and patience and improve access to higher education graduation. Offers over $ 2.8 billion in investment out of five. In addition, the Quebec Infrastructure Program (PQI) has stipulated the construction of an elementary school in Saint-Laurentides and has announced that a project to build a secondary school is currently under consideration.

$ 4.2 billion to stimulate economic growth

Budget 2022-2023 totals $ 4.4 billion over six years to increase economic productivity, strengthen employment integration for immigrants, support regional economic development, support economic recovery and promote Quebec culture. We offer new initiatives that go beyond. Support for regional development will spend $ 1.5 billion over six years.

  • $ 255 million to support regional air transport.
  • $ 114 million to invest in regional ground transportation infrastructure.
  • $ 250 million to prepare for the recovery of the tourism sector.
  • $ 163 million to promote the development of the forest sector and the protection of wildlife assets.
  • $ 627 million to continue growth in the biofood sector

At Rousseau, two major road projects, the Saint-Lan-Laurentides Bypass and the extension of Autoroute 25 to the four-lane highway, have moved from the so-called “planning” phase to the “ongoing” phase. Work begins in a few weeks and requires a historic investment of $ 350 million. National Highway 158 will also be changed to a four-lane national highway from Joliet to San Alexis.

$ 1.3 billion to pursue environmental behavior

The government will add $ 1 billion to the Green Economy 2030 Implementation Plan. Therefore, there is a total of $ 7.6 billion in envelopes over five years to combat climate change. In addition, the budget 2022-2023 will provide an additional $ 357 million over the next five years to support the regeneration of polluted environments and the restoration of land, stimulate energy conversion and support sustainable practices. Provide.

$ 1.1 billion to strengthen community behavior and support the community

The government recognizes the essential contributions of community organizations. Community organizations often provide more vulnerable customers with services that complement and enhance the services of public networks. Budget 2022-2023 will provide nearly $ 2.2 billion in additional investment over the next five years to not only strengthen action, but also take steps to meet the needs of the community. By investing $ 1.1 billion over five years, we will be able to implement the new Government Action Plan for Community Action 2022-2027. This will unprecedentedly increase financial support for community organizations. A $ 170 million amount is also planned to support equality between women and men and combat sexual and domestic violence.