The city of Laval voted for the 2022 budget

If the city of Laval remains fragile and has been the subject of repeated debate about how to reduce community debt, Florian Belcoe’s local government team said:Improving the city’s financial situation (…) The financial recovery process set at the start of the mission is maintained.“She says.

The 2022 primitive budget was adopted, but opponents voted against it. The municipality will invest 11 million euros (compared to 8.7 million euros in 2021). The majority of local governments have announced a de-leverage of € 1.7 million (compared to € 2.5 last year).

Some iconic projects carried out or started this year

-“Punch” refurbishment at Laval’s school. Certain schools carry out emergency work of € 250,000. This includes installing alarm systems and videophones at the entrance of the facility for blinds, curtain repairs and extracurricular activity leaders. Euro 200,000 will be released urgently this year to renovate certain gymnasiums in the city.

-CCAS expects subsidies to increase for the second consecutive year (+ € 25,000 or € 2,188,000)

-Recruitment of two local police officers. € 9,000 will be invested in body cameras.

-Repair of castle walls and Beucheresse gate (520,000 euros)

-Constructed a “skate park” (sliding area) on Boston Square at the end of the year. The cost is 120,000 euros.

-The city of Laval will also equip the multipurpose hall with a new multisport floor in September (360,000 euros).

-Third quarter Pommeraies multisport ground refurbishment (25,000 euros).

-The district’s enhanced road improvement plan (Euro 893,000).

-Euro 250,000 will be invested to replace sodium lanterns with LEDs to save energy and make travel safer.

-1.2 million euros will be spent to accelerate the urban redevelopment of Kellerman.

-The roof of Tistoucrèche in the Murat district needs to be renovated. In particular, the sealing of the building needs to be strengthened (360,000 euros).

-25,000 euros will be devoted to the renovation and securing of the wooden terraces of L’Oiseau Flûte crèche.

-In the fourth quarter, greening plans will continue at the Vaufleury Cemetery. The purpose is to beautify this site and facilitate maintenance after discontinuing use of the plant protection product (€ 25,000).

-2.4 million euros to support local associations.

-Implementation of new compensation schemes for permanent and contract agents (over € 1 million).

-Place du Create a Jean Macé parking lot (300,000 euros) to supplement the parking space removed by the redevelopment in November-November.

–Place du November-November transformation will cost € 403,000 and new projects at ZAC Ferrrié and stations will cost € 833,000.

-Municipalities that have been removed for several years voted to return the minicamp this summer. € 30,000 will be invested in a leisure center to organize activities and provide potential for children who have the most difficulty going on vacation.

–Florian Bercault’s team sets up a “neighborhood cultural summer” using a program developed by cultural services, theaters, greenhouses and neighborhood homes (June 25-August 27) I want to 58,550 euros will be invested.