The birth of the Olyn Group, a leader in omni-channel customer engagement

Gimv supports the birth of Olyn, a performance-based digital marketing group focused on omni-channel customer engagement. As brand digitization accelerates significantly and consumers’ omni-channel buying behavior intensifies, the Olyn Group is committed to attracting, converting and revitalizing prospects to help increase customer sales. .. This group relies on strong expertise in data, content creation, and customer experience.

With the help of Gimv, Christophe Bessac (CEO of Olyn Group), Léo Haute and Kilian Le Menestrel (co-CEO of hipto), Harrys Melki (CEO of Avent Media Group) and David Levy (CEO of Skaze) have joined forces. A leader in customer engagement and intentional lead generation. Olyn provides a differentiating model with a strong coordination of collective interests. This allows each entrepreneur to maintain the company’s operations while profiting as a group-level partner from the value creation enabled by the pool of resources and talent.

The first four companies in Olyn are:

  • HipsConversociads © lead generation solution,
  • Advent mediaCustomer acquisition, traffic generation, CRM solution leader,
  • SkazeMulti-channel Programmatic Trading Desk,
  • Influencer networkDigital influencer agency

The Olyn Group has achieved sales of over € 35 million with more than 350 customers in Europe and relies on the expertise of 100 talented employees for external growth and organic development in France and abroad. Have a strong ambition for.

Since 2022, Olyn has been carefully selected for its powerful potential and complementarity of expertise and offers, especially with new acquisition channels and new means to improve the conversion of personalized marketing operations. Continue your external growth strategy by attracting companies. Discussions are underway with several companies.

“The Olyn Group was born out of the belief that entrepreneurs will seek out ambitious and structured projects to address brand challenges and develop omni-channel sales as the digital marketing market begins to integrate. Léo, We are pleased to be able to interact with talented entrepreneurs such as Kilian, Harrys and David. In connection with Gimv, this group is accelerating organic growth and hiring about 100 new talent in the next 18 months. We aim to become a major player in customer engagement by continuing to acquire new companies located in complementary business offerings.

Christoph Bessack, CEO Olin

“We are pleased to work with Christoph, Hypto and Gimbu to take this new step in our development, which will enable us to carry out this beautiful project we dreamed of. Joining Olyn gives you more ways to continue to innovate and provide our customers with the most relevant, innovative and effective solutions. My team and customers who have trusted us every day for 15 years. will be grateful to. “”

Harrys Melki, CEO of Avent Media Group

“Our goal is to accelerate international development after creating a pioneering lead generation solution in France. The Olyn project is based on dedicated entrepreneurs, experienced managers and investment companies, and solutions. You can increase your ambitions and approach the future while maintaining autonomy to continue your development. Together with Christoph, Aventmedia Group and GIMV, this association pools expertise and is a performance-based model. You can also use to provide your clients with a complementary solution in the value chain of customer engagement.

Hipto Co-CEOs Léo Haute and Kilian Le Menestrel

“Omni-channel and hyper-personalization are at the heart of Skaze’s DNA. It’s a new dynamic created thanks to Gimv, Christophe, Léo and Kilian, which has the potential to accelerate the innovation and creativity of digital marketing solutions. We are proud that Harry’s binds himself to peers who share the same purpose and the same human values ​​and expertise. Gimv partner Guillaume Bardy concludes: The roadmap to share with new partners is clear. Thanks to the ambitious organic growth of France and internationally, and by attracting new talented entrepreneurs with complementary expertise, omni-channel customers. Being a leading group of engagement. Assisting entrepreneurs with differentiated and ambitious projects that combine organic and external growth corresponds to Gimv’s mission as an investor. Olyn is perfectly suited to consumer investment platforms, whose investment themes are specifically linked to digital and branded D2C strategies »» ».

Skaze CEO David Levy