Thanks to the Rebond Plan, there are 12,000 new locations in Cresh and Mum

The Early Childhood Ribbon Plan, adopted by the CNAF Board of Directors in February 2021, enables the development of childcare solutions for young children with 12,000 new locations in Cresh and Mum, primarily programmed by local governments and associations. I made it.

12,000 new locations in Crece and mam

In 2021, about 12,000 new places for nurseries and moms were programmed, primarily by local governments and associations, thanks to a childhood rebound plan of nearly € 200 million.

Exceptional investment-specific measures were updated in 2022, which is equivalent to a total investment of approximately € 260 million.

Along with the health crisis, the Early Childhood Ribbon program aimed to sustainably support the activities of daycare facilities weakened by the health crisis and promote the development of new projects.

In 2021, 12,000 new daycare centers were decided.

  • 9,672 creche funded by a single service offer (Psu).
  • 1,745 with micro-cleches funded by Child Care Benefits (Paje).
  • 559 new locations in the house for maternity assistants (mama) have already benefited from it thanks to the support of the cafe.

Since 2013, 2021 has been the best year to invest in early childhood, following 2017.

The rebound plan specifically made it possible to resume the dynamics of municipal investment, raising 3,379 future funding in 2021, compared to 955 in 2020.

Aladom is listed on that site:

  • 10,000 childminders out of 250,000 childminders
  • 10,000 nurseries out of 12,200 facilities in 421,000 locations counted at the end of 2019 (46,000 locations with a structure limited to 10 children, collective nurseries or “traditional” nurseries or “multi” 339,000 locations in a “care” structure, regular or extraordinary, perfect combination-time or part-time, 22,000 locations in staff creche facilities, 8,000 locations in kindergarten, 5,000 locations in parent creche.

In 2021 and 2022, strong measures to provide unique services

PSU (Prestation de Service Unique) is a support from the CAF for operation paid to the manager of a childcare facility for infants (up to 5 years old). This aid contributes to:

  • Promote a social mix of the general public welcomed by the application of resource-tuned scales.
  • By opening a more flexible reception, we encourage traditional creaches to improve their occupancy.
  • Improve the bridge between Cresh or the family and the nursery. Promote awareness of the role of the day care center in responding to atypical family needs and emergencies.
  • Supports the development of multi-reception services and the evolution of opening amplitude associated with rhythm and work time diversification.

Early childhood rebound plans will significantly increase investment assistance in Psu-funded creaches.

  • For creaches in areas with less than 58% coverage, the bonus per location went from € 1,800 to € 3,500.
  • Bonuses per location ranged from € 1,000 to € 2,000 for projects involving structural work and € 700 to € 2,000 for projects involving environmental approaches.
  • Gradual growth, depending on the economic potential per inhabitant, ranges from € 500 to € 6,100 per space and from € 4,000 to € 7,000.
  • An increase of € 7,000 occurred in areas classified as Priority Urban Districts (QPV) and Regional Revitalization Zones (ZRR).

Since the start of the 2018 Goal Management Agreement, municipalities with low living standards and low female activity rates have implemented more projects to create nursery centers than ever before. For example, in three years, 4,704 new spaces were determined in the so-called priority area, QPV or ZRR.