Team of the Week FIFA 22, TOTW27 Predictions-

FIFA 22 TOTW 27 New Week and New Predictions for Team of the Week As always, EA will offer a new IF card based on the results of the best players of the week. The novelty of FIFA 22 is clearly in the presence of the featured cards proposed by EA. This doubles cards 80 and below. Therefore, we will present a forecast for the new cards available in the pack from 7 pm on Wednesday.


David Soria, Getafe, LaLiga

As always, it is always difficult to predict the choice of EA for the Guardian. However, after showing a very good performance, seeing Getafe leave at the point of the draw despite scoring a good half at 10, it seems that David Soria’s choice at TOTW27 is almost certain.

Jonas Omlin, Montpellier, League 1

EA loves big league goalkeepers, so he turned to League One in his second choice. Here, Omlin was one of Montpellier’s winning heroes after the club lost two players on a red card shortly before halftime.

Defender Prediction

Michael Keane, Everton, Premier League

The duel between Newcastle and Everton was very important to the maintenance of the two teams. In the end, it was Everton who won 1-0, and if he wasn’t the author of the goal, Michael Keane was decisive throughout the meeting and won the title of player in the game.

Jose Fonte, LOSC, League 1

José Fonte, the author of last year’s great season, suffered ups and downs like a club this year. However, LOSC continues to believe in another painful European place with a score of 1 to 0, despite Lille’s red card.


Moss, Atletico Madrid, LaLiga

A regular of FUT promotions and special releases each year, Koke hasn’t received a single FIFA 22 special card close to Real after a big defeat on Sunday night.

Son Heung Min, Tottenham, Premier League

To be honest, more content was expected around Son at this year’s FIFA 22. Other ambassadors in the game (Alaba, Foden, Mbappé) have chained special cards, but Son has only two low-boost cards. Therefore, I hope this will change, thanks to his two goals recorded against West Ham.

Which attacker of TOTW 27?

Pierre Emery Cuau Bameyan, FC Barcelona, ​​LaLiga

Once again, Aubameyan was decisive for FC Barcelona and justified his winter recruitment a bit more. The former gunner scored two goals in addition to El Clásico’s assistance, and the club won 4-0.

Wissam Ben Yedder, AS Monaco, League 1

Another regular card, especially more recently, Witham Ben Jader should be highlighted by EA following his performance against PSG. France’s Monaco scored two goals, beating the league leader 3-0.

FIFA 22 Featured Map of the Week

Niklas Stark, Hertha Berlin, Bundesliga

One of the big new features in FIFA 22’s FUT mode is the implementation of featured cards for this week’s team. For TOTW 27, we choose Niklas Stark. Hertha Berlin defender (who also plays frequently at MDC) scored the first goal of the German club’s 3-0 victory.

How do I get a TOTW card in FIFA 22?

TOTW cards are often not only interesting at a high level, but also useful for DCE to achieve a specific goal in friendly match mode. Therefore, even players with a very low overall rating need to know how to get these TOTW cards in FIFA 22.

The first source is clearly the transfer market, where you can find the player’s TOTW card in a special version of the card. However, be aware that IF cards are sold at a much higher price than the base version.

The second source remains the game’s Gold Pack, which includes these special cards for a week (Wednesday to next Wednesday at 7 pm). Please note that you will not be able to drop it into a pack at the end of this week.

In addition, Team of the Week Cards can be earned as FUT Champion (WL) rewards based on rank. EA should not remove the TOTW card presence if rewards are subject to change, as packs can be obtained at the end of every match this year (not Thursday).

Finally, certain TOTW packs are present during the DCE season, even if they are often unprofitable because they are completely random.

Investment related to FIFA 22 TOTW forecasts

It is also possible to earn credits through TOTW if the player’s cards selected in Team of the Week are often a good source of investment. Indeed, there are several ways to guess in the market.

Therefore, the easiest and usual way is to bet on the regular gold card of the current TOTW player. These are not included in the pack for the week and have a limited number of cards. If players are trying to use these cards for DCE or teams, the price can go up significantly. Therefore, guess the TOTW forecast and buy the card in anticipation of this rise. This technique works mostly in the early months of the game until the end of December.

Yet another way is to analyze the good TOTW cards of the future and guess the cards associated with them. For example, if Haaland receives a Team of the Week card, the player may be considering incorporating him into the FUT roster. Therefore, they also try to link this new card with other Bundesliga players, Dortmund players, and even Norwegian players to create the best possible link. Therefore, just before the release of the new Team of the Week, it is possible to invest in cards that enable perfect linking. This technique will help you release special cards until mid-March in the second half of the season. Before that, Team of the Week will not look very interesting in FIFA 22.

Keep in mind that these two strategies require not only good market forecasting, but also finding the right time. In many cases, the cards you buy will go up quickly, so you need to plan in advance who to buy. Also, this bull run doesn’t last long, so you’ll have to play for a few days and sell your cards quickly.

That’s it for the predictions of the new TOTW27 Team of the Week players from FIFA 22. We are confident that the majority of the above players will be available if the EA chooses a slightly ambiguous profile and tries to make the water muddy. As a special card from the launch of FIFA 22. To be on the safe side, TOTW27 will be officially announced Wednesday at 7pm.