Strengths of a growing group

Located in the metropolis of Toulouse with four clinics, the Ramsay Santé Group provides global care while developing cutting-edge expertise in a variety of disciplines.

With more than 100 doctors joining the Toulouse facility over the last five years, the group of leaders in private hospitalization in France plans to step up their efforts in this direction. The goal is to continue to improve patient acceptance and care.

At Toulouse, four clinics apply the group’s recognized know-how. Clinique des Cèdres (Cornebarrieu); Clinique La Croix du Sud (Quint-Fonsegrives). Faced with new technological and social challenges, especially the aging population or accelerating innovation, the group has bet on modernity.

Some important numbers indicate a measure of Paul’s range. The Toulouse Pole facility accounts for more than 150,000 hospitalizations each year (27% of MCO hospitalizations in Haute-Garonne) and has more than 1,700 beds and locations. 84 operating rooms with 550 doctors and more than 3,000 employees working on a daily basis.

The facility has almost all licenses and infrastructure to meet the health needs of the inhabitants of the area. “This is a mission that has a lot of potential for employees, a professional development through internal mobility not only at each facility but also within the department, and thus represents an interesting opportunity for career advancement,” said Toulouse. Fabrice Delbias, General Manager of Toulouse, explains. It relies on professional training, thanks to the considerable budget allocated over the next few years.

The Toulouse Cluster facility, the 4th, 15th and 22nd best clinic in France in the latest Le Point Magazine rankings, continues its development and investment policy. Therefore, over the last three years, about 28 million euros have been spent on modernizing the facility and purchasing the latest generation of equipment.

“We also intend to strengthen our prevention projects. Acting upstream and defining new prevention policies are part of the strategic direction we are deploying to our population with the opening of our primary care center,” continues Fabrice Delbias.

Expert advice

“Awaken a new profession”

-What lessons have you learned from the health crisis in the Toulouse department of Ramsey Sante from an organizational and other perspective?
Fabrice Derbias and Bénédicte Blondel (Managing Director and HRD of Pôle de Toulouse): Our facility has played an important role in managing this crisis. At the forefront of the CHU, they are ideal for about 2,000 COVID patients (some of whom have been transferred from other areas) who have received and cared for while continuing to provide the necessary care to the inhabitants of their area. Invested in providing good care.

-Is health still a popular area, especially attracting the younger generation?
Health is a central area of ​​concern for our fellow citizens and has been further emphasized since the beginning of this pandemic. The creation and increased allocation of new schools, one of which is temporarily housed on the grounds of Clinique de l’Union, will allow the medical and nursing teams in long-term care facilities to be gradually strengthened. increase.

-How would you describe the lack of staff in this particular position?
The health crisis emphasizes the departure of nursing staff into new areas of activity. At the same time, the health profession may not be known to the younger generation (work pace, daily difficulties, etc.). Therefore, we work with high school students to encourage new professions and promote all professions.

-Which profile are you specifically looking for?
We are looking for a profile of nursing staff. Young graduate nurses and more experienced nurses to ensure our role in training a new generation. We also welcome caregivers, apprentices and internships in these two professions.

-What are the benefits of attending Ramsey Sante?
Participating in one of the four facilities in Toulouse guarantees that you will thrive and choose the area of ​​expertise you want to evolve. Management and teams are working to integrate new employees as much as possible. It also guarantees that you can be functionally and geographically trained and professionally evolved in response to personal changes that disrupt your professional life.

“HR policy to serve our staff: lock people in the center of the system”

The Toulouse division of Ramsey Sante has set the goal of attracting new talent. With healthcare undergoing major changes, about 70 positions are currently open.

To attract these new talents that shape tomorrow’s health, the four clinics are small dishes by involving all employees in this fascinating issue, especially thanks to programs such as co-option and “Ambassadors”. Is in a big dish. Not only, but also by providing a “welcome bonus” to new employees, we will make the rewards more attractive.

“We are free to bet to meet the expectations of the new generation, giving us the freedom to choose schedules, working hours and disciplines (operating rooms, critical care, medical disciplines, surgery, obstetrics, etc.). I’m leaving. ” HRD of Bénédicte Blondel, Pôle Toulouse.

A positive quality of life (QVT) policy is also in place. It is a commitment and motivation by improving staff working conditions (innovative equipment, 12-hour schedule, etc.), preventing professional risk and promoting workplace health, as well as providing prospects for future projects. Consists of promotion. Fostering team cohesion, establishing a PSR (Psycho-Social Risks) preventive approach, and supporting organizational transformation are some of the other challenges the Group is committed to addressing.

To achieve these goals, Ramsey Sante’s Toulouse division can rely on ambitious skills development policies that have increased training budgets compared to legal obligations. This allows you to maintain a dynamic training policy and make your professional career more personal.
Dual system, setting up integrated tutoring, funding staff nursing training, responding to caregivers for work research, and launching internships and apprenticeship campaigns.

“As part of our QVT and CSR policies, we have worked on a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the long term and have entered into a partnership with a carpooling company to contribute to our purchasing power.”