Stock Market / Crash: $ 100 billion in capital lost in three days due to tech giants, purging probably not over …

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Bubble burst

It has been brewed for months, and much more active US interest rate hikes than expected are not tech stock friendly. The US 10-year market rate is over 3% and analysts are betting on a surge to 5%. That is, whether the downtrend needs to be fueled. The bearish speculators are rubbing their hands as NASDAQ continues a session of sharp declines and the floor still appears to be far away. All news claims even more severe corrections at 50 basis point steps each month, especially with continued forced rises in key rates. Uncontrollable inflation cited as the cause of all current illnesses.

Cryptography: From Bitcoin to NFT, Red wins

On the speculative market side of crypto, there is nothing more, but the decline will inevitably be even more intense. Speculators are in turmoil and bargain buybacks are inferior to sellers. Between profit taking and falling speculation, Bitcoin’s price reached $ 29,500. This is a sign of a technical backlash before the possibility of a new bearish attack. In that case, $ 25,000 could be a new test.

Layoff waves are coming

Who says recession, says layoffs. Already completed. Not only Netflix, whose market capitalization has evaporated 75% since the beginning of the year, but also Robin Hood and many other nuggets in the past have announced plans for layoffs. More than 10% of the workforce, that’s just the beginning. On the Uber side, cash competition continues as it’s no longer a matter of relying on investors. And we need to reassure them. Also, regarding the adoption plan, the start of soft pedals. Risks are high, and this rise in interest rates marks a turning point for US growth. US GDP was already negative last quarter and a recession is imminent.

CAC40: No more …

European markets, more strongly affected by the Ukrainian War, continue to loosen. CAC 40 ended with a drop of more than 4% last week and is expected to get worse this week. Do you take risks and seek profits? However, you should not hurry. Years of -20% or -30% are not excluded.


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