SOFIDY continues to develop and innovate

SOFIDY, a leading independent company in the real estate savings solutions market, continued development on a European scale in 2021 to accelerate the development of ESG strategies. With over € 7.6 billion in assets under management, management companies continue to innovate to better meet the needs of their clients and partner distributors.

A dynamic collection that accelerates at the end of the year

SOFIDY gained momentum in the second half of the year with a total inflow of € 842 million and a net inflow of € 688 million in 2021. In 2021, the management company is leveraging the quality and widespread reference of savings solutions by developing a new banking network and life insurance platform. Retailer OPCISOFIDY Pierre Europe accounts for 10% of net inflows, and unit-linked SOFIDY Convictions Immobilières accounts for 13%. This reflects the successful diversification of investment solutions offered by SOFIDY.

SOFIDY’s assets under management exceeded the threshold of € 7 billion, reaching a total of € 7.6 billion by the end of 2021.

Robust performance across all funds

Currently, SOFIDY’s full range, consisting of 3 diversified funds, 6 thematic funds and 5 funds invested in listed assets, exceeded the market average year-on-year in 2021 and recorded solid performance. Did. The diversified SCPI Immorente distribution rate is 4.64% (1) and the office SCPI Efimmo 1 distribution rate is 4.91%. [1].. The annual performance of OPCI Retail SOFIDY Pierre Europe is 5.74%. [2] [3]And 4.54% of civil society SOFIDY Convictions Immobilières.

These strong performances are the result of historically disciplined and discreet management, characterized by the selection of well-placed quality assets and strong risk pooling.

A quarter of the investment made in Europe

The investment program was dynamic in 2021 with a € 640 million acquisition, including a quarter in Europe (Germany, UK, Belgium, Ireland). SOFIDY continues to operate in the heart of European cities and capitals, leveraging its shareholder Tikehau Capital’s international network. After making an initial investment in London in 2020, SOFIDY acquired two assets in Dublin last year. In France, 46% of acquisitions are made in Paris and Ile de France and 54% are made in dynamic provincial cities, based on quality assets that may be revalued.

Successful new initiative

SOFIDY is always eager to better meet the needs of its customers and their partner distributors and continued to innovate in 2021 with new products and services. Launched in July 2021, the thematic SCPI SOFIDY Europe Invest has raised around € 50 million. Online and scheduled subscriptions have been added to the various tools already available to Partner Advisors. In addition, SOFIDY Financement’s expertise has enabled us to provide clients with a credit financing solution for acquiring SCPI shares.

Accelerating ESG strategies

The development of the “So Sustainable” strategic plan demonstrates the acceleration of SOFIDY’s ESG approach, especially with the goals set out in the ESG Charter, the implementation of non-financial scoring grids for assets, and the deployment of call centers to collect energy. Consumption data, continued dedicated training for all SOFIDY employees, and labeling of SRI and SRI real estate for three funds (S.ytic, Sofimmo, and the new SCPI SOFIDY Europe Invest). SOFIDY, which also relies on professional partners, aims to ensure that all funds comply with Section 8 of the SFDR Regulations. At the same time, the management company is continuing the process of labeling a portion of its scope.