Soccer-League 1: Is Stade Brestois in financial trouble?

In that observation report, the Brittany Regional Accounting Council has invited Stade Brestois 29
In that observation report, the Brittany Regional Treasurer has invited Stade Brestois 29 “to provide a financial plan applicable in the event of a relegation to League 2” … © Archive Photo Michel Rousseau-Kote. Brest.

The Brittany Regional Treasurer Published on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 Witness report About control of Sociétéanony meduStade Bretois 29 (SASB), manages ProClub soccer of Brest Not only a training center.

The document, signed by President Sophie Bergogne, states that “the financial changes during the rise of League One are still vulnerable and we must encourage society to be vigilant in tense situations.” .. From a financial point of view, value is essentially Salary : 70% of salary costs are equivalent to professionals. as a result, Business results remain negativeThe increase in wage bills associated with the transition to League One has partially offset new products (including television broadcast rights). »»

“The future of finance looks uncertain”

The Chamber of Commerce said, “The situation is certainly. Improvement “Immediately after the rise of League 1” and its “Thank you for your help Just stay Appropriate “.

But she warns: Revenue from subscriptions and tickets Combine with Uncertainty Heavy burden Broadcast rights.. Therefore, it is fragile Difficult to maintain in League 1, The financial future looks uncertain. »»

Therefore, it invites a “planning society” Financial plans applicable in case of relegation to League 2.. These weaknesses and this disadvantage should also be taken into account in the construction of new stadiums planned for the next few years. This month in February, red and white occupy 12, so demotion is irrelevant.When In the playoffs, he took the League One position in 24 days out of 38 games, 10 points behind his first club, AS Saint-Etienne.

“This report didn’t tell us anything.”

The direction from Brest Stadium 29 Reacted to this report via Communicated It was published on that website and broadcast on that social network. The club explains:

“I haven’t found this report yet this week. I received it in advance to make corrections as needed. It’s consistent and in line with the current situation, so we’ve got it. I didn’t. The content of this nearly 50-page report didn’t tell me anything because the information it contained was provided by SB29 itself. »»

And he adds: “But many are paying attention to the statement about” the uncertain financial future of the club. ” Fortunately, this is not the case. Me’Mediapro episode (Did not pay the rights to television agreed with the national authorities governing the League 1 Championship) and Health crisis It certainly doesn’t help our financial situation, as in all other French ProClubs, We master The financial aspect of our structure. »»

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“We are not playing with the money we don’t have”


“The management of the club and all its components works every day to find solutions (reduction of fees, increase of products) and our maxim” We are not playing with money we do not have “. Is respected every minute. »»

She states: “In addition, not everything is shown in this report, which can lead to exceptional inflows of funds. This is especially true. Sale of Romain Faivre In January 15 million euros.. »»

And Stade Brestois 29 concludes:

“So, no, that’s not a concern. »»

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