Soaring prices ignite social anger in Spain

Madrid: Strikes by road carriers, demonstrations by farmers and fishermen, complaints from the industrial sector … In Spain, record inflation has fueled anger at the left-wing government. Energy price.

Calling for “delaying the deterioration of the living environment” and “keeping prices down,” two major unions, the Workers’ Commission (CCOO) and UGT, intended to mobilize on Wednesday at the general strike. Demonstrations are scheduled from 6 pm in about 60 cities, including Madrid.

This day of action, supported by several consumer groups, saw February price increases at their highest level in 35 years (7.6%) in Spain due to rising oil prices and energy boosted by the war in Ukraine. It happens when you reach it.

“Electricity, heating, petrol, food, housing and transportation are increasing every month. The whole society is suffering from this situation,” he stressed to the strike organizers, a long series of 10 strikes. And days in Spain to add demos.

The country has been facing an indefinite strike by truck drivers since March 14th, initiated by an independent carrier platform. This move, with multiple obstacles, seriously disrupts the supply of supermarkets and makes many companies difficult.

The government also faced a strike by fishermen who quit their jobs for three days at the call of a coalition of about 9,000 boats on Monday and taxi drivers who organized a snail operation to protest the rise in fuel prices on Wednesday. There is.

Anger spread to breeders and farmers, and was hit hard by soaring fertilizers and raw materials.

Nearly 150,000 of them demonstrated in Madrid on Sunday, showing off fluorescent chasubles reminiscent of the “Yellow Vest” movement.

“Act in unity”

This move of social dissatisfaction has been most important since socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came to power in 2018, with the support of opposition parties, especially Vox (far right), who organized their own rallies in several cities in Spain. I have received it. Spain.

This ultra-national formation seriously accuses the government of “ruining the middle class” and “most disadvantaged” people, and complains of some of the population, especially in rural areas. I’m surfing.

In the last few months, several steps have been taken to raise low wages and curb energy prices, but the situation is unpleasant for executives who believe the inflation spiral has nullified their efforts.

Pedro Sanchez, longing to ease criticism, promised a “national plan” on the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine 10 days ago with a significant tax cut. A € 500 million envelope is also available to compensate for the rise in diesel prices for carriers.

“We live in very complex moments,” Sanchez said at a press conference Wednesday, saying he would do everything in his power to “absorb” the effects of price increases. The prime minister said he was “confident” to reach an agreement “this week” with the aircraft carrier.

However, executives continue to circumvent the outline and overall scope of his plans, and Sanchez seeks to proactively obtain the EU’s joint response to the energy crisis at the summit in Brussels on Thursday. increase.

He insisted on Tuesday that the EU needs to “act in unity” to “lower energy prices.”

Madrid has been urging the EU for months to change the mechanism that connects electricity prices to the gas market. This call remains futile for now, but Pedro Sanchez, who has been meeting with European counterparts since mid-March, wants a turn in favor of the situation in Ukraine.

What if I don’t agree?Recently, executives have ensured that it acts independently and hires me.