Sectigo announces extraordinary growth in the first quarter of 2022

Roseland, NJ, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sectigo®, the world leader in digital and automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM), today announced its first quarter 2022 results and highlights. This includes double-digit year-over-year growth in net sales to new businesses. In addition, industry awareness, the success of the first virtual summit, and an updated identity-driven security-centric market vision will enable organizations to accelerate growth beyond the second quarter.

Bill Holtz, CEO of Sectigo, said: “We are pleased with the results of the first quarter and the demand for automated CLM solutions for digital identity management continues to grow.” It is important for us to have an open, interoperable identity-centric security solution. Our solution provides everything your business needs to manage human and machine identities from Sectigo and other CAs within a single platform. We are building a system that gives our customers the flexibility to meet the business needs of today’s market, and the success of the first quarter is a strong foundation for the first half of the year.

Performance and management highlights

  • Business sales growth: Sectigo saw double-digit net sales growth in new businesses in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021. This is driven by the demand for automated CLM solutions that help customers protect and manage their ever-growing digital identities.
  • Identity-centric security approach: After Sectigo reappointed Cryptographic ID and cybersecurity pioneer David Mahdi as Chief Strategy Officer and CISO Advisor in December, Sectigo renewed its position to meet the growing needs of CISOs, IT security and IT managers. bottom. The company’s modern identity-centric approach to security focuses on establishing digital trust for all digital identities, regardless of source. As the company becomes more and more recognized and prosperous in the market, its improved positioning puts Sectigo in a higher category than its competitors.
  • The root cause podcast reaches 75,000 listeners: Organized by Sectigo Chief Compliance Officer Tim Callan and PKI Chief Technology Officer Jason Soroko, the weekly 5-star RootCausePodcast has reached 75,000 listeners. This podcast covers trends, news, and best practices in the public key infrastructure (PKI) industry.

Industry recognition

Website Security and Threat Reporting

March, Sectigo New threat report This revealed that websites were attacked 172 times a day, or eight times a minute, and that 4.1 million websites worldwide are now infected with malware. The report also revealed that cyberattacks, especially automated attacks, are on the rise, primarily due to the surge in bot traffic. The findings underscore the need for a comprehensive security solution. Designed to protect SMBs from all types of attacks, the company’s suite of security products can counter these growing threats.

Sectigo Identity-First Security Summit

society Held the First Annual Identity First Security Summit April 5-7. This three-day virtual event brought together industry-leading analysts, cybersecurity veterans, and business executives to discuss the future of digital trust. 900 business and IT leaders from around the world attended the event to learn how to run their business in the future using Sectigo’s identity-centric security approach. Presentations from the summit are still accessible, and the virtual platform has received 5,000 visits so far. Subscribers have 90 days of access to 13 keynotes and on-demand sessions.Watch the presentation Here..

About Sectigo

Sectigo is a leading provider of digital authentication and automated certificate lifecycle management (CLM) solutions trusted by the world’s leading brands. Its cloud-based universal CLM platform generates and manages the lifecycle of digital certificates issued by Sectigo and other certificate authorities (CAs) to protect the identity of all humans and machines across the enterprise. With over 20 years of digital trust building experience, Sectigo is one of the oldest and largest CAs, serving more than 700,000 customers, including 36% of Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, please visit:

Contact at Sectigo:
Elliott Harrison, Director of Global Communications
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