SCOR successfully deploys new cat bond, Atlas Capital Reinsurance 2022 DAC-June 1, 2022 07:58

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June 1, 2022-No.12

SCOR has successfully placed a new cat bond, Atlas Capital


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SCOR has successfully placed the new cat bond (“”

Cat bond

), The Atlas Capital Reinsurance 2022 DAC provides the Group with US $ 240 million multi-year compensation for the risks of US storms and earthquakes in the US and Canada, and European windstorms. The risk period covered by the Atlas Capital Reinsurance 2022 DAC will be extended from 1.


From June 2022 to May 31, 2025. This issue has been approved by the Irish Regulatory Authority. This obligation includes elements of sustainable development in line with investor due diligence requirements.

The price of the cat bond was set on May 23, 2022 and the offer was closed on May 27, 2022. GC Securities


Served as a structured agent and co-lead manager (








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Served as a sustainable development consultant and co-lead manager. Wilkiefer and Walkers served as legal counsel.

The Atlas Capital Reinsurance 2022 DAC is a cat bond that provides aggregate coverage for index triggers approved in Ireland under Solvency II.

Guaranteeing effective capital protection is one of the strategic pillars of the SCOR Group, which regularly uses a wide range of products offered by financial markets.

Jean Paul



General manager of


P & C


,To tell:


SCOR is happy

To renew our commitment to the Insurance Risk Securitization Market (ILS)

Ensure protection for years in the market environment



Bond placement


Atlas 2022 is the latest,

Is a part

An integral part of SCOR’s capital protection.

Warmly welcome him



The market has proven an excellent reputation

SCOR in the ILS market

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We appreciate



Irish regulator

Their support and responsiveness throughout

This transaction.



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Natalie Mikaelov and Alexandre Garcia

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Investor public relations

Yves Comier

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