Scams: How to avoid them?

Over the years, they make more and more money. Financial fraud has also transformed digital and social networks. Real chameleons (and calamities), they knew how to change their skin to withdraw more money from savers. And the latest figures released on this subject are staggering. It seems like a little booster shot is needed for all the benefits.

Social Network, “Influential People”: Financial Fraud 2.0

As an internet user, you are inevitably already encountering it. He is this stranger and sincerely promises you wealth with a click. From the most traditional ones like real estate and financial markets to the most modern ones with popular cryptocurrencies, everything is good to achieve this. And who would have thought of it: getting rich is fast and easy! In any case, that’s what he tells you, he bought 40 properties without contribution, or she retired before 30 thanks to a favorable investment in currency trading (forex).

The Internet is the preferred hunting ground for these scammers. There are no intermediaries, no controls (or very few), no scruples. Therefore, thanks to social networks (especially Facebook and YouTube) and various presentations, it becomes a “new” terrain. Some want to “warn” you to the oncoming “catastrophe,” others want to “teach” how to manage your money well, and others want to “share” their “correct way.” There are also … but discourse is often the same:

  • Like him or her, you will soon be rich.
  • By learning a secret that is hidden from you, but he or she is willing to take over to you (for payments, of course, but you only learn it later);
  • Of course, it’s easy.
  • And staging gives you a dream: you too will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle based on sports cars, big villas, and stunning sandy beaches.
  • How can you resist in the face of such a promise? As one of these influential figures, the trading training scam Muse, says, “Questions can be answered immediately …”.

Real estate, a good example

Let’s take a look at the example of real estate, more specifically stone paper.An investment that has been proven for a very long time from the beginning

See the list of

amf profile fraud statistics

According to data from the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, French rescuers have been robbed of more than € 500 million through financial fraud. AMF has added that the average loss per person reaches € 40,000. Nice car prices, (very) nice work budgets, or even very useful personal contributions for real estate investment.

When it comes to passbook scams, traps are even worse. As you know, this ad on a risk-free savings account earns over 8% annually … that is, 1%, as evidenced by Livret A’s rewards, so in low interest rate situations. It will be 4-5% in the last few months. February 1st after a long month at 0.5%. According to AMF, these so-called guaranteed savings accounts alone will cost € 72,000 (the only guarantee is that the money will never be displayed again).

If you are looking for an attractive return (5% or more), your capital is not guaranteed. You need to take risks, for example, investing in stocks. For example, many contracts offer “turnkey” management options for investing according to risk profiles (cautious, balanced, dynamic, offensive).Mission

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Miracle placement does not exist

These elements emphasize the need to remember important messages. There is no miracle arrangement. Return targets higher than regulated savings are inevitably associated with risk taking. If told otherwise on the website or video, the scam is there. If you exceed 2% per year without risk, be very careful. Beyond 4% a year, it’s not even worth thinking …

Then what should I do? How to find a good investment for your savings without finding yourself out of the control of the scammers? There are a few things to remember.

  • Check the identity of the interlocutor. Companies that are allowed to sell financial products in France must declare to the authorities. For insurance products (life insurance, PER), please visit the Orias website. For pure banking products, see Financial Agent Register (REGAFI).
  • Please be careful about the theft of personal information. For example, banks and financial product intermediaries do not have a Gmail address.
  • Put all the elements in the table. We talk about returns, but do we also talk about risks? Both need to be mentioned. For this reason, when talking about life insurance, for example, it is always specified as follows:

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