Reworld Media announced that its subsidiary Tradedoubler has acquired a stake in the capital of Onbaz, a “live shopping” specialist.

Reworld Media (ALREW) announced that Tradedoubler has acquired approximately 30% of the capital of Onbaz, a young Swedish technology company specializing in “live shopping” (live video shopping).

Onbaz was founded in 2020 in the face of strong growth of “live shopping” in the Chinese market, facilitating access to the “live shopping” business of all European brands. The company offers particularly efficient solutions on the market, its implementation process is simple, its cost is attractive, and it performs well for the brand.

Equity investment in Ombaz is in perfect alignment with the Group’s strategy by strengthening BtoB offers in the high potential “live shopping” segment. This operation establishes a collaboration between Onbaz and Metapic. This is a network of influencers integrated within Tradedoubler, deploying marketing operations that only impact performance at the global level.

In this way, the subsidiary develops offers with customers and influential networks. The latter can, in particular, create large-scale, frictionless “live shopping” on social networks. They will build their trust and bring a new shopping experience to their followers.

“We are pleased to announce Tradedoubler’s equity investment in Onbaz. Live shopping is a very fast-growing phenomenon and is an e-commerce offer that is already fully integrated in China. The same dynamic movement is in Europe. I think it’s only a matter of time before you see it settle in. “ – Mr. Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO of Tradedoubler.

About Tradedoubler:

Founded in Sweden in 1999, Tradedoubler (Reworld Media group) is a pioneer of partnerships in Europe. Tradedoubler combines 23 years of innovation and expertise in digital marketing, presence in 11 countries and a market-leading technology platform to provide a tailored solution for advertisers and publishers. Tradedoubler has a network of over 180,000 active publisher sites and over 2,000 advertiser clients. Tradedoubler is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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About Reworld Media : Reworld Media is a growing group in two markets, BtoC and BtoB.

  • Through content, services, and product rollouts, the BtoC market brings to a pool of captive audiences of over 30 million readers who support the digitization of consumption patterns.
  • The BtoB market covers all the communication levers of companies that support through the digitization of communication, especially brand marketing and performance marketing solutions.

The group has 62 high quality multimedia / multimedia (print, digital, video, audio, television, event) media brands and numerous thematic universes (Maison & Travaux, Marie France, Grazia, Auto Plus, Science & Vie, Gourmand, It integrates TopSanté, Télé Magazine, etc.) and its own performance technology platform (180,000 related sites around the world). Founded in 2012, Reworld Media earns € 470 million annually, is located in 11 countries and has 1,052 employees. Euronext Growth Paris – ALREW – ISIN Code: FR0010820274 –

contact address – Ségolène de St Martin, 33-(0) 6 16 40 90 73, sdestmartin @

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