Reuters is partnering with The Globe and Mail’s automation platform

Toronto, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), an AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform developed by The Globe and Mail, is Thomson Reuters’ news and media division, Reuters. We continue to work in cooperation with. Invest in the latest AI solutions in the newsroom. Sophi will help automate content curation in some sections of that reopened in April 2021.

Sophi Site Automation is an AI system that autonomously manages digital content to find and promote the organization’s most compelling content. Sophi examines all published content and all traffic to find the hidden gems that your organization’s customers value most.

To automate the curation of content, Sophi’s algorithms were learned from Reuters editors. The newsroom can work with some of the latest AI solutions, allowing editors to find the next story and focus on creating journalism that makes Reuters such a credible brand.

Josh London, Head of Reuters Professionals and Chief Marketing Officer of Reuters, said: “Sophi’s state-of-the-art AI platform is one of the next steps in the evolution of digital properties. Sophi will continue our mission to bring AI-powered technologies and tools to more employees. At the same time, we help our readers provide the stories they want to know and need to know. »»

Michael Young, Reuters Chief Technology Officer, said: We’ve confirmed that Sophi’s scores reflect our business goals and are happy with the resulting site automation. »»

Mike O’Neill, Co-Founder and CEO of, said: They trust Sophi and are excited to automate curation on every article page to start and expand relationships and include more solutions in the future. »»

“It’s great to work with Reuters in this environment,” said Philippe Crawley, The Globe and Mail Publisher and CEO. “They have a strong mission, and will help continue to demonstrate how AI supports editing integrity. »»

About Reuters
Reuters is one of the world’s leading providers of reliable news, information and analytics, reaching billions of people around the world every day. Founded in 1851, it combines world-class journalism, industry expertise and cutting-edge technology with unmatched speed, reliability and accuracy to help people make better decisions. Reuters is committed to the principles of trust of independence, integrity and freedom from prejudice, through Refinitiv services, as well as media organizations, industry events and directly with consumers around the world.

About ( was developed by The Globe and Mail to help content publishers make important strategic and tactical decisions. It is a suite of AI and AM-based automation, optimization, and prediction solutions, including Sophi Site Automation, Sophi for Paywall, and Sophi for First Party Data. Sophi also enables one-click automatic layout of print plates without templates. Sophi aims to improve the most important metrics for your business, such as subscriber retention and acquisition, engagement, up-to-dateness, frequency, and volume.

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