Results for the first quarter of 2022

May 4, 2022 7:00 am CEST

result of first time 2022 quarter
door That side rise from price, the shape ofwork grow up 26% in the meantime It EBITDA ability To a level record

fact highlight

  • the shape work Net It will reach more than € 3 billion in the first quarter of 2022. This is a new record, organically increasing by + 26.1% over the year, with all activities and thanks to the success of our actions against price (+ 20% or € 475 million) and sales volume increase. Double-digit revenue growth in all regions (+ 6% or € 157 million).
  • from Savings of cost Construction In the first quarter, € 22 million was achieved, reaching a total of € 410 million since 2020. We plan to reach our medium-term target of 500 million euros earlier than planned.
  • EBITDA Foundation A record of € 712 million in the first quarter of 2022, or 20% organic growth. Double-digit EBITDA growth was recorded in all three segments due to price and volume increases. The rise in prices more than offset the € 369 million inflation-related cost increase. Especially in Novecare, the solution segment increased by + 35%, the materials segment increased by + 21%, and the chemical segment increased by + 15%.
  • The margin EBITDA Foundation At 23.3% in the first quarter, similar to 2021, the sharp rise in prices offset the effects of inflationary pressures.
  • the Profit Net subFoundation The total value for the first quarter of 2022 was € 369 million, an increase of 54% over the previous year.
  • Free cash flow First-quarter sales were € 216 million, with a conversion rate of 32.9% despite strong working capital growth due to strong sales growth. Discipline in managing working capital was maintained throughout the quarter.
  • ROCE Recorded at +477 basis points, 12.3% year-on-year.
  • Solvay the 4th platform of growthWe support our sustainability goals by focusing on developing innovative solutions using renewable raw materials and biotechnology, and creating more cyclical solutions.
under-FoundationMillions of euros First quarter of 2022 First quarter of 2021 % %
shape work 3,055 2,373 + 28.8% + 26.1%
EBITDA 712 583 + 22.1% + 20.1%
margin EBITDA 23.3% 24.6% – – – –
From FCF Shareholders from Activities Prosecution 216 282 -23.6% – –
FCF conversion rate (12 past Moon). 32.9% 54.8% -21.9pp – –
ROCE 12.3% 7.5% + 4.77pp – –

Ilham KadoriCEO

“”Me morning Happy ofpublication a news A series of result record, When Powerful performance of each our segment.. The solution review When Differentiation It we Offer to us client we Have got permission ofgain our price, compensation EinIf strong gain of cost from material Raw When of energy.. this performance, Related To our management Disciplined of Ministry of Finance Have contribution a news time In one generation Solid cash. we that is So of good position for investmentgo of innovation When of Expansion our ability To of Sustain our client of the world whole, All of Improvement our Outlook of growth To Moderate period.. at last, Me morning Also pride of of our Return valueWhich that is Significantly Improvement from a Year When Who result our Action of Matter of cost When the Transform of our wallet ofActivities.. “

Outlook 2022 Raised

This year’s foundation, EBITDA, has been certified as a “medium to high single digit” and is expected to increase. Free cash flow from continuing operations is expected to exceed € 650 million.

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