Renault’s division: “wrong good idea”?

April 25, 2022 Edition

Paris Motor Show 2022: Absents may probably be wrong

The Paris Motor Show in October 2022 will be timely during this energy transition and will provide car brands with the opportunity to reconnect with the public, who are confused by the switch to electricity. This edition refocuses on the highlights of the car and shows the continued update of players in the sector with the presence of many new brands, especially China, fascinated by new effective value propositions. Being there may be essential. Meeting with Serge Gachot, director of Mondial del’Auto.


Renault was more affected by chip shortages than Russia in the first quarter of 2022

(AFP)-Friday’s Renault Group saw sales of € 9.7 billion, down 2.7% in the first quarter year, especially hampered by less than measured by a shortage of semiconductors and paralysis of activity in Russia. Was announced.


Jean-Michel Bilig joins Stellantis’ technology division

Beginning June 27, 2022, Jean-Michel Bilig will join Stellantis, the engineering department responsible for the development of hydrogen fuel cells.


Condominium Charging Station: The Key to Accelerating Electric Vehicle Sales

The electric vehicle market cannot continue to grow without accelerating the provision of charging stations for condominiums. There are already operators ready to fund their work in exchange for financial assistance, the right to take, and a power contract. The draft decree can also reduce the cost of condominiums to zero by passing the cost of installing Enedis to the electricity bill in France …


France: Green hydrogen producer Lhyfe is considering an IPO in Paris

(Reuters)-French green hydrogen producer Lhyfe said on Friday that Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) approved its universal registration document, paving the way for an IPO in the Euronext market in Paris.


TotalEnergies: Withdrawal of “climate” resolution after new commitment

Paris (Reuters)-The French shareholder group of Total Energies announced on Friday the withdrawal of the “climate” resolution to be submitted to the General Assembly after the company has made a new commitment in terms of transparency on greenhouse gas reductions. Outgassing.


Renault: Possibility of list of electrical activity at the end of 2023

(Reuters)-Renault announced on Friday that “all options are being considered” for plans to separate electrical and thermal activity, including the possibility of an IPO for battery-powered vehicles in late 2023.


Trucks: Volvo resists semiconductor shortages and conflicts in Ukraine

(AFP)-Swedish truck maker Volvo Group reported strong quarterly results on Friday despite a shortage of semiconductors and the war in Ukraine.


Interest-free loan experiment for clean cars

(AFP)-Households living or working in certain low-emission zones above the allowed threshold for air pollution will receive interest-free loans from January 1, 2023 for the purchase of low-emission vehicles. You can benefit from it. To the decree announced on Sunday in the official journal.


Category analysis

Why Volkswagen is still irrelevant in North America

Herbert Diess recently participated in the current business program in the United States and talked about Volkswagen’s strategy. He talked about the consequences of the Ukrainian invasion and the electrification of the area, and he also had the opportunity to take a journalist at Porsche Taycan. He also talked about the difficulties the group is facing in North America, where Volkswagen is working hard despite its lack of relevance.

April 22, 2022

Graham and Zuza

Today we will talk about the cars left in the garage. And the other two doing the exact opposite.

April 21, 2022

Can builders wear stock?

There is growing debate about agency contracts for professionals involved in the automotive distribution business. In 2022, between Covid and the semiconductor crisis, it is difficult to judge the reliability of the “new model” when using a very atypical year as a reference, where ordinary references are no longer worth it. , It’s still worth clarifying. Nevertheless, by focusing on the key issues of car stocks and their financing, the terms of the discussion begin to become clearer.

April 19, 2022

Why does the decision to separate thermal and electrical activity make sense?

After the equipment manufacturer, it is the manufacturer’s turn to work on the separation of their activities. This trend was initiated by Volvo. The announcement of the separation of Volvo’s engine activities dates back to 2019 and came into effect last year through Aurobay. Ford and Renault follow, separating their thermal and electrical activity.

April 15, 2022


Today, I’m trying to find Latin in an extraordinary car, even if the literature that accompanies the launch shakes Molière’s language a bit …

April 14, 2022

Reasons why the outlook for the recovery of automobile production in 2023 is retreating

Car production wanted to resume color in 2023, which wouldn’t be until 2024. The shortage is increasing. Semiconductors are suffering from a shortage of material supplies. The expected rise in the prices of minerals and metals for batteries was greatly highlighted by economic retaliation against Russia. Finally, China’s new confinement has slowed supply and the outlook is bleak again.

August 4, 2022

Gimmy (The) Five

It might be better to talk to you right away, but today I invite you to a fun nostalgia session. And for a small car that is important to me, it’s five times instead of one.

April 7, 2022

Between doctrine and expertise: how to collectively address today’s major issues?

The Russian and Ukrainian documents, the German energy policy blunder it reveals, and the associated “gas diplomacy” pose a very difficult problem that cannot escape the world of automobiles. These questions relate to the energy policies of various European states. It looks very technical, and these questions are also very political, and it’s fantastic to think that they can be solved by increasing their expertise. Conversely, we can find a solution by giving ourselves a way to actually have a public discussion of these issues.

April 4, 2022