Real Estate: SC Novaxia R was also listed on the CNP Patrimoine life insurance policy

Novaxia R referenced in the CNP Patrimoine contract

Novaxia Investissement’s SC Novaxia R, a positive impact fund specializing in urban recycling, is now referenced in the CNP Patrimoine agreement. Through life insurance, savers can invest in responsible support measures. It aims to achieve 5% performance for the entire year. [1].. Novaxia R provides the answer to housing shortages and regenerates cities beyond net-zero artificialization of soil. [2]

Novaxia R in life insurance

Novaxia Investissement’s Novaxia R is the first life insurance fund to recycle office buildings into homes. It is also the first life insurance real estate fund to be double-labeled SRI and Finansol. Unit-linked support is currently included in CNP Patrimoine’s life insurance policy. [3]

Therefore, savers can participate in the financing of businesses to recycle offices into homes through life insurance policies. This innovative approach allows anyone to leverage their savings and act in favor of solidarity and sustainable development. Since its founding a year ago, the NovaxiaR Foundation plans to regenerate 12,000 m².

The letter “R” is ” Responsible, housing, recycling, solid’R “. The fund aims to build 4,000 homes to address housing shortages and 5% annual performance after deducting administrative costs.” [4] ..

Novaxia Investissement is working on the transitional city planning of vacant buildings awaiting work by making it available to social solidarity economy groups and players for free rent.

Novaxia Investissement announced an inflow of € 194 million to Novaxia R in 2021. As of December 31, 2021, 100% of the inflow was allocated to 10 obsolete tertiary assets for recycling to homes throughout France. I also confirmed Novaxia Investissement Novaxia R annual performance is 5.08% [5] After deducting the management fee for 2021, the first year of marketing.

“” Novaxia R continues to be open to as many people as possible. This solidarity and responsible fund aims to provide investor clients with a 5% return after deducting management fees. Novaxia R wants to combine responsible investment and profitability with dual certification of SRI and Finansol to meet their expectations. The fund’s innovation is to provide the possibility of access to residential real estate within the framework of life insurance. Mathilde Krieger, Managing Director of Novaxia Investissement, says.

Investing in unit-linked support carries the risk of capital loss, as its value can fluctuate up and down, especially as the financial markets develop. Past performance does not indicate future performance and is not constant over time.

[1] We aim to achieve an overall annual performance of 5% (after deducting fees and fees directly and indirectly borne by us as set forth in Article 6) with a recommended investment period of 8 years. This management goal is not guaranteed.

[2] The Novaxia R Foundation has a 12,000 m² rehabilitation project.

[3] Companies regulated by insurance law

[4] The 5% performance target after deducting management fees has been smoothed over the recommended investment period of 8 years. This management goal is not guaranteed.

[5] Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

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