President’s Live: “The death penalty issue could pass the referendum,” says Marine Le Pen.


Marine Le Pen’s profession of faith was finally approved, but there is a “reservation”

The National Commission for Campaign Management (CNCCEP) has decided to “approve” the already printed Marine Le Pen religious profession, but Wednesday after hearing the candidate’s representatives. The “policeman” of the campaign, who made his decision that night, “mourns” that the candidate “decided to print” the document before submitting it to the planned approval process.


Marine Le Pen can rely on general consultation on the resurrection of the death penalty

“The issue of the death penalty can pass the referendum, and everything except those that violate the Constitution can pass the referendum,” RN candidate said Thursday in France 2.


“We have been chewing for 5 years”


According to Baileu, the announcement of retirement at age 65 is “too brutal.”

Mayor Pau believes that it is “brutal and too brutal” for Emmanuel Macron to announce that he wants to raise his retirement age to 65 for BFMTV-RMC. “If I believed this progressive move would be a brutal move, there was a communication error,” he continues.


François Bayle is ready to tweak Valerie Pécrès’ purse.

The president of Modem says he is ready to help LR candidates who are in financial difficulty. “I did this on another occasion for political forces, but no one knew about it. It’s not difficult for me to help other politicians,” he told RMC-BFMTV. to answer.


Gabriel Atal opposes Marine Le Pen and the youth

Government spokesmen know that, long ago it was a systematic “national front” where “young people were angry.” So Gabriel Atal insisted on the candidate’s program and, according to her, opposed the youth’s ideals. “Young people want us to fight global warming. […] Marine Le Pen wants to completely rethink its commitment to climate change. Young people want to move our rights forward, Marine Le Pen opposed PMA for everyone »


Marine Le Pen’s “Slippers Campaign”

“So what?” “Mostly answer Gabriel Attal at LCI this morning.” Politics will also confront those you disagree with. (…) Emmanuel Macron travels to the city where the National Rally scored the highest. Marine Le Pen is campaigning in slippers between the hotel lounge and where she got the highest score, “continues a government spokesman.


Macron defends Baileu as “not the main author of our difficulties”

Emmanuel Macron can be expected to keep François Bayle’s record. “Five years ago, unemployment was ubiquitous,” defending MoDem’s boss and RMC-BFMTV guest Mayor Pau on Thursday morning.

François Bayle evokes “three tsunamis”. The Yellow Vest movement, the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. “Everyone shares responsibility (…) Obviously, the ruler is responsible for him and all those who precede him, but that’s the main thing that makes it difficult for us to find ourselves. Not the cause. We were all unable to heal anything in French society. »»


“Emmanuel Macron’s score is on the rise.”

The five-year term is “a five-year crisis, and government spokesman Gabriel Attal is analyzing LCI this morning, but it should be noted that Emmanuel Macron’s scoring is progressing.” Continues to support. “This campaign should not be versus However forEmmanuel Macron’s project for Gabriel Atal continues, emphasizing that the Macron team “wants to increase their pensions by 4%.”


“Don’t say Marine Le Pen is a Democrat.”

According to Claude Malfred, president of the Senate’s independent group, Zemur and Le Penn interviewed in Europe 1 this Thursday morning. They left three months before the election and have been working with them for years. Don’t say Marine Le Pen is a Democrat. It’s not a democratic paragon. »»


Putu shows generosity to Pécrès


Switching to Marine Le Pen is not automatic between Prozemur

Some of Eric Zemmour’s unfortunate voters have never voted for a candidate for the National Union and are hesitant to vote for her in the second round. We went to see them.


Marine Le Pen and “Mr. Dermanin’s Police Officer”

Marine Le Pen, who returned to his muscle exit at a press conference yesterday, accused “Mr. Dermanin’s police officer” on Wednesday, arousing others’ responsibility for his personal order service. .. “I never blamed the police. I couldn’t see anything, I was very far away. (…) I don’t apologize, the candidate said. ) Was evacuated by my guards dragging herself to the ground because the injured policeman could no longer do it.


In Ukraine, “the term war crimes is adopted.”

“I think (the act done in Ukraine) is a war crime from the moment civilians were killed,” said Marine Le Pen in France 2 this Thursday morning. (…) I think the person who has sinned against this should be expelled from the State Council. Candidates return to “the need to attempt to ensure that NATO resumes contact with Russia in the future when a peace treaty is reached.” And a candidate who again evokes the “great danger” that the Russian-Chinese alliance will carry out.


Tap Macron to forget Putin

Marine Le Pen, who set out a foreign policy policy on Wednesday, is stuck in her position against Russia. How is he doing the parade? Tap the options of Emmanuel Macron, the presidential candidate for “French to Stop”, to establish yourself as a candidate for “Working France”.


Where are you following the candidates this Thursday?

To guess where Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are this Thursday, take a quick look at the results of the first round and focus on the cities that voted for Jean-Luc Melenchon. That’s all. The retiring president will be in Le Havre (30% of Melenchon) and his rival Avignon this Thursday with the aim of regaining as many Melenchonist voters as possible.


What do Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen offer about purchasing power?

Freezing electricity and gas prices, food vouchers, abolishing certain taxes … At least the two candidates aren’t working to improve the purchasing power of French people as well. Take inventory in this article.


Can Marine Le Pen win?


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