Preparing for the TICAD8 Summit | Recovery Opportunities for Investors

Only a few months after the launch of the Ticad 8 Summit, one of Tunisia’s most important events in 2022. Tunisia and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (Ccitj) confirm that preparation and Ticad 8 are not only successful events, but also reference events and reopening opportunities for investors in Japan, Tunisia and Africa. please give me.

After a marathon of thematic seminars that brought together Tunisian promoters and Japanese investors, Ccitj presented a white paper on the most promising projects that could be the subject of a triangle within the pre-Ticad framework. Proceed immediately to. partnership.

Last Thursday, it was the farmer’s turn to focus on the blue economy and the agribusiness sector. As part of the “Roadmap to Ticad8”, the Tunisia and Japanese Chambers of Commerce held seminars on the theme of “Blue Economy and Agribusiness”. -Edge area. The event was also an opportunity for several private companies in Tunisia and Japan to present their technologies and projects.

Preparations are proceeding smoothly

The various interventions that interrupted the event revealed that the agricultural sector of interest to Japanese investors is highly diversified.Passes from aquaculture to the essential oils and aromatic plant sectors Agricultural geothermal energy Japanese are ready to do their utmost to ensure the transfer of know-how and technology in these emerging sectors. In this sense, Japan’s abundant Ambassador to Tunisia, Shinsuke Shimizu, said in a statement that these sectors are already targeted for specific investment projects such as bluefin tuna farms off the coast of tuna and olive leaf production projects. I made it. Fish feed.Ambassador emphasized Clarify that preparations for the summit are proceeding smoothly than The Tunisian and Japanese Chambers of Commerce should soon lead a delegation of Tunisian businessmen visiting Japan to announce various projects.

Returning to the area where the Ticad 8 Summit is focused, Ccitj President Hédi Ben Abbès said: press The Chamber of Commerce has identified seven key things Sectors of interest to the Japanese, such as health, digital, automotive sector, training, agribusiness and infrastructure, where Tunisia has built a brand image.

White paper will be presented During preTicad

After many meetings and seminars, Ccitj should select the most relevant projects Collect them in books presented to Japanese and African investors. “Our way of working is very simple. I want to be concrete. No need for another person-to-person meeting. We absolutely want Tunisia to have a direct economic benefit. To do this, we asked for a project. The project must be relevant on an African scale. The added value that it brings and the Japanese people are interested in these projects, “he said.In this context he launched an appeal To all promoters who have a project in the mentioned sector so that they can submit the project before the pre-TICAD is held. “We collect all of these projects. These projects need to be relevant and preceded by research and business plans. This white paper serves as support and is African. Present it to a friend. Japan.

We will organize Preticado and probably see how the delegation visits Japan long before Tikado. The purpose is to present a white paper when the summit arrives and before Ticad is held. In August, we can materialize at least some projects, “he added. And be careful. “This is a huge task that has been done for over a year. We are nearing the end of the first phase. The white paper will be the culmination of all this work.”

Ben Abbes said The final seminar will be held On March 31st, we will concentrate on raising funds. “We try to present all the solutions Ticad offers. Favorites With a huge $ 20 billion in funding, Ticad 7 hopes more will happen this time due to the Covid crisis. We need more money to revive the economy. “

Agricultural sector to attract Japanese investor

Regarding the agricultural sector that attracts A Japanese investor, president of Ccitj, explained that the Japanese love everything that respects nature and the environment.They are known for their know-how and the technology used for exploitation Of the sea and land. “They have the know-how we don’t have. We will leverage their know-how, especially in the blue economy, as it is a country surrounded by the sea with very important expertise. This expertise is implemented in Tunisia and can be transferred to other African countries. And that is our goal: to make Tunisia A strategic partner of Japan on an African scale, whenever we want to invest in Africa, we first consider settling in Tunisia and seek the skilled workforce and knowledge of Tunisia. This is the package we are trying to offer, hoping that Japanese friends will be tempted. On our part, by hosting this event in Tunisia, we live up to the trust they have already given us, “he emphasized.

Lim Hadawi, representative of Apia, said in a statement: press The agency already has a portfolio of investment projects estimated at 100 million dinars.Project covers the The fields of aquaculture, scientific research, geothermal energy and greenhouse cultivation. She added Investing in smart agriculture, aromatic plants, medicinal plants, agricultural geothermal energy, and renewable energy used in agricultural production is one of the most attractive areas for Japanese. She also indicated that the agency will host B2B Day next August to allow Tunisian and Japanese promoters to explore business opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Japanese are demanding But they don’t look down on the means

Saida Bensrama, Manager in Saraya Beauté et Santé, an essential oil and aroma extractor, testified to the company’s preparations for participation in Ticad 8. With the construction of two new factories (the first is dedicated to olive oil packaging and the second is dedicated to olive oil packaging. Manufacture of natural cosmetics) $ 6 million, The company plans to operate in the El Fejja area. “I think the aromatic plant and forest products sector is very interesting to the Japanese and is rising in the international market. In addition, many are beginning to come up with innovative investment ideas. “Original,” she testified.

Asked about the opportunities offered by Ticad 8, Ben Slamah said Tunisians were asked to be well prepared to make this major event available. And add: “Ticad is a major event. Unfortunately, many Tunisians are unaware of its scope. This is a special event to help. The economy takes a big step. Tunisians need to be well prepared and know how to take advantage of this event. At Ticad6 in Nairobi in 2016, Seven Japanese companies, and nonetheless Kenyans, have greatly benefited from the presence of the Japanese. In 2020, four years later, 70 Japanese companies will participate in this event.Investors doing various businesses With sector Official delegations come to attend the event from Africa, Japan and even from all over Europe. When it comes to work, the Japanese are demanding, but you have to prepare your ideas well, as you don’t waste your means when you want to invest. “