Pensions, RSA, purchasing power … Summary

2022 Emmanuel Macron's Program: Pensions, RSA, Purchasing Power ... Summary

Macron program. Emmanuel Macron retired at the age of 65 as the main idea for his project in 2022. He also defends his term of office for the past five years with the development of education, ecology and even path culture. What kind of project does he want to carry out in the potential second phase? Take inventory.

Long before this Sunday’s election, Emmanuel Macron sought to qualify for the second round of the presidential election. It doesn’t seem unattainable for a presidential candidate who has been successful in polls through the campaign. In fact, his lucrative voting intentions began to decline from mid-March, narrowing the gap between his candidacy and Marine Le Penn’s candidacy, but he remained at the top of the polls to the end. I did. His reelection candidate led the lightning campaign due to a single meeting (and 30,000 people gathered) in Nanterre on April 2 and a selected absence from discussions with opponents. bottom. Tonight’s results will tell us if he can carry out his political projects for the next five years, especially at the European level or at pension reform.

Emmanuel Macron plays the role of candidate-the retired president of this presidential election. The 2022 program is based on the phased introduction of retirement at the age of 65. It proposes measures for ecology, which is the point where the record is criticized, and focuses on education prioritized at the height of the Covid-19 crisis. The program is public and the entire program is available online and can be found below. We will elaborate on the candidate’s results by city at 8 pm this Sunday. Our team is mobilizing to provide voting results in your city, even in small towns. Therefore, you can see the scores that LREM candidates have obtained in different parts of France. It also reveals the abstention rate in France. This could be even higher than in the previous election, estimated (22.23% in the first round of 2017, 25.44% in the second round; presidential election), and participation rates in 2017. (It was 77.77% in the first round of the 2017 presidential election and 74.56% in the second round).

Regarding pension reform, Emmanuel Macron said he changed the project from 2017, Confirmed postponement of legal age to 65 years old While specifying “take into account a long career” and “the reality of trade and work”. He assures that postponement of employment, according to the OECD, is closely linked to increased activity for older people, as it forces companies to adapt.

In terms of energy, he assures us that France can be “the first great country to break out of gas and coal independence.” Energy mix of nuclear energy and renewable energy.. Also, advocating energy saving, Energy renovation of 700,000 households annually In addition to promoting the use of electric vehicles. This question inevitably leads to climate. In this regard, candidates are pleased to see greenhouse gas emissions declining twice as fast as expected.

The retiring president wants the school to be one of the priorities of his second five-year term.On the basic theme, he intends Increase time in French and math Not only elementary school and sixth grade, Put math on a common core in high school.. Emmanuel Macron Overlapping classes in priority education, Extend from CE2 to CM2.He also wants Increase exercise time From the beginning of the next school year, there are 30 minutes a day and 2 hours of physical education classes every week at the university.

Two weeks after the program was announced, the teachers were applauded this time after giving a cruel speech.Even if the candidate said he was against a general upgrade, he said he was ready Spend 12 billion euros in 5 years, Better salary to teachers. Therefore, Emmanuel Macron wants to make an “agreement” with them. Accepting the “new mission” defined in the consultation at the beginning of the five-year term will increase the number of teachers.Candidate also insisted Teachers who are “more free”Propose, innovate, experiment, try other ways, in class, and be able to share them. ” Teachers are also a unique educational project that “frees them from their careers” and “frees the choice of facilities for them”, extracting themselves from geographic movements and sometimes assigning them to their place of residence. “

Emmanuel Macron makes his efforts Work and training.. He wants to develop the autonomy of the university and accelerate his research to make France particularly attractive in this area. Vocational training may be open to more companies to provide quality training and ensure that students are quickly integrated into the world of work. Paul Amplois is also interested in this reform, turning it into a “French travail”, a collection of all skills to better support job seekers.Another reform of the same flow, RSA reform: Emmanuel Macron wants to submit RSA payment for obligation to continue activity for 15-20 hours Allows professional integration.

The retiring president recognizes in the preamble to his program that “too many citizens have access to culture.”Therefore heCreate a 500 euro culture pass For all 18 years old “and” dOpen library For Emmanuel Macron, “the international influence of our artistic life is waning.” Therefore, he plans to invest in the creative and cultural industry of France by creating 200 dedicated investment funds. Creation, copyright and adjacency protection by the Public Arts Commission. By supporting, 1 million euros. ” In the face of competition with the platform, the President is betting on a different strategy than his competitors. “European Netflix” Introducing the best movies and series in Europe. “

in terms of healthEmmanuel Macron promises a “massive enhancement” in the medical desert and a new assignment of simple tasks to allow doctors to free up time. For example, nurses and pharmacists can update their prescriptions. At Nursing Homes, Macron’s program promises to hire 50,000 caregivers and nurses.

  • To become an independent state, the candidates for La Republique en Marche depend on France’s self-defense capabilities,army To adapt it more to new challenges and new dangers. He also promises to continue to increase the Defense budget, as he did during his first five-year term. Independence is also the ability to meet one’s own food, energy, health and other needs by improving production, agriculture and industrial policies.
  • regarding society The president’s desire is to fundamentally combat social inequality and include people with disabilities, especially children with disabilities, in schools by improving the situation of students with disabilities, especially those with disabilities. I am aiming for that. Gender equality is the goal of programs that better manage women’s health, such as endometriosis programs, and single-parent families are often women.
  • Republic Agreement Summarizes Shutter Reform Safe, Justice and administration. Substantial recruitment envisions the creation of 200 gendarmerie brigades, an increase in police personnel, as well as the hiring of 8,500 justice of the peace throughout France. This agreement guarantees smoother procedures, faster file processing times, and verification of the effectiveness of penalties. The administration is also subject to “significant simplification.”

If you want to know more and see all the steps proposed by candidate Emmanuel Macron, you can go online on his campaign site. Find his program here.