Patrice Lucas takes over Michel Jeannuzzi

Beralia’s Joint Shareholders’ Meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Michel Jeannuzzi (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer), especially with the attendance of Natalie Delbrube (Group Chief Financial Officer) and Cecil Tando de Marsac. It was held on the 11th of March. (Chairman of the Compensation Committee), Mrs. Wendy Cool Foolon (General Manager of the Group Legal Department and Secretary General of the Board of Directors), and Corporate Auditor.
Brasil Warrant Administração de Bense Empresas SA and Bpifrance Participations, designated among the shareholders with the most voting rights on the convocation date, served as scrutiny.


The Veraria General Assembly, which summarized the 76.9% quorum, specifically approved the parent company and consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021. We also approved a dividend of € 1.05 per share and paid the full amount in cash.
This dividend will be separated on May 19th and will be paid on May 23rd.


At the meeting, Patrice Lucas was appointed as a board member and Didier Debros as an independent director for four years.
Beatriz Peinado Vallejo has been appointed to represent employee shareholders for a four-year term.

The remuneration paid or awarded to executive officers in fiscal year 2021 and the remuneration policy for executive officers in fiscal year 2022 have been approved.

The meeting renewed the approval for the company to repurchase its shares and the delegation of authority and financial approval granted to the board of directors.

Shareholders also approved amendments made to the company’s articles of incorporation to provide for the principle of gradual renewal of terms within the board of directors.

Michel Jean Nuzzi ends his role as Chief Executive Officer

At the end of the General Assembly, Michel Jeannuzzi stopped performing his duties as Chief Executive Officer in accordance with his wishes announced on December 6, 2021.
He continues to chair the Board of Directors regarding the application of the highest governance practices.

Patrice Lucas, who joined the group as Deputy Chief Executive Officer on February 1, was appointed Chief Executive Officer and joined the Board of Directors.

Currently, the Board of Directors has 13 members, including 5 independent directors, 2 directors representing employees, and 1 director representing employee shareholders.

The Board of Directors, at the recommendation of the Appointment Committee, has determined that the committees established within it are now organized as follows …
-Audit Committee: Ms. Marie-José Donsion (Chairman), Brasil Warrant Administração de Bense Empresas SA (represented by Ms. Marcia Freitas) and Didier Debrosse;
-Compensation Committee: Ms. Cécile Tandeau de Marsac (Chairman), BG Gestão de Investmentos Ltda. (Represented by Joan Lu Sales), Mrs. Marie Jose Donchon, Dieter Müller, Pierre Valeil.
-Appointment Committee: Ms. Cécile Tandeau de Marsac (Chairman), BG Gestão de Investmentos Ltda. (Represented by João Salles), Virginie Hélias, Pierre Valeille.
-Commission on Sustainable Development: Ms Virginie Hélias (Chair), Bpifrance Investissement (represented by Sébastien Moynot), Michel Giannuzzi, Xavier Massol, Beatriz Peinado Vallejo;
-Strategic Committee: Pierre Vareille (Chairman), BG Gestão de Investmentos Ltda (Represented by João Salles), Didier Debrosse, Michel Giannuzzi.

“These years as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer will be exciting and intense. Profitable growth was recognized during the 2019 Euronext Paris market for Beralia’s IPO. “The Chairman of the Board, Michelle Jeannuzzi, commented. He adds: “Beralia now has an exciting purpose and an experienced team, which makes it very suitable for pursuing a profitable growth strategy while accelerating investment in sustainable development. Our group. I am happy to be able to work together to start a new chapter in the history of Patrice Lucas. “