Orpea: Revelations on previous management practices put Orpea on the stock market

(BFM Bourse)-Retirement home manager Orpea’s actions still lose their position on the Paris Stock Exchange after being exposed from the newspaper. world About the “crazy practices” of certain former senior leaders.

One scandal can hide another. Under pressure on the Paris Stock Exchange, Dependency Care professionals are once again in front of the press. Daily Lemond certainly reveals the “pretty crazy” practices of former Orpea executives.

Victor Castanet, author of the research book Les Fossoyeurs, published at the end of January, wrote in this article on Monday night about suspicious financial transactions, potential abuse of corporate assets, conflicts of interest, and overbilling practices. Explaining. Fifteen service directors, always the same, are invited to stay at the most chic resorts on the planet, Gstaad, Courchevel, or Megève, paying all the costs. Orpea exploded and we felt incredible totipotency. ” From Clinea’s former medical director to Victor Castanets. Former management, including Orpea’s former managing director Yves Le Massenet, is directly involved in these abuses.

To make matters worse, “the climate is so tense that” top management “members begin investigating each other through a monitoring company paid by the group’s finances. Hundreds of thousands of euros will be spent and thousands of pages of reports will be produced. ” Orpea did not immediately respond to these new accusations.

In total, the damage associated with these facts that would have been curtailed would amount to “tens of millions of euros, and even hundreds of millions of euros.” These amounts are “savings made on the other side of the chain at the group’s nursing homes and clinics: € 4.20 per resident meal per day, ration protection, caregiver dismissal, unpaid. Overtime work should be taken into consideration.

Abolition of employee profit sharing bonus

This article also features relationships with companies founded in Russia and RDIF Investment Management, a Russian sovereign wealth fund targeted by the U.S. Treasury Department, which was recently recognized as “a slush fund for President Vladimir Putin.” We are reporting on the creation of a structure that holds%.

Victor Castanets also mentions “eliminating profit sharing bonuses for all employees in the Ehpad portion of the group.” The company’s management has told AFP that its financial results are “unfortunately not allowed to pay profit sharing this year.” In fact, the group included in the 2021 results a provision of € 83 million for “risks and costs associated with the estimated risks of 2017-2021 after the administrative investigation” in connection with the allegations of abuse. .. This group was the subject of France.

According to the CGT quoted by AFP, the profit sharing bonus normally paid to Orpea employees was around € 700.This deletion is even more difficult to pass as a newspaper article world At the beginning of May, we will reveal that “thousands of free stocks have been allocated to a significant portion of our leaders.” Towels are burning between employees of the endangered group and management. It explains that about 15 facilities will need strikes on June 3rd.

At around 3:45 pm, the title Orpea, which has fallen 68% since the question in the book “Les Fossoyeurs”, will fall another 4% for less than € 26.

Sabrina Sadogi

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