Orpea: Orpea fell sharply into the stock market after Mediapart was revealed in a financial scandal

(BFM Bourse)-The actions of the manager of retirement home Orpea show a sharp decline on the Paris Stock Exchange, but Mediapart and Investigate Europe have revealed a new financial scandal.

Calm was short-lived for Orpea. In the turmoil since the publication of the research book “Les Fossoyeurs” at the end of January, a new financial scandal has damaged the group’s already badly damaged reputation.

Founded in 2007, Luxembourg’s Lipany is “9,200 shares of many nursing homes and clinics primarily managed by Orpea” in several European countries, including France, according to a group of Mediapart and journalist Investigate Europe. We have accumulated millions of assets. ” And “performed a suspicious financial business.”

At around 3:45 pm, Orpea’s title, which has fallen 64% since the question in the book condemning the facility’s serious failure, is still down 20% to € 26.91, towards its August 2012 lows. It’s going straight. .. Rival Corian fell 5.56%, while Noble Age rose 0.55% to € 36.80.

“Individual behavior” by Orpea

According to Mediapart, Lipany belongs to Roberto Tribuno, an accountant and tax accountant who was the boss of Orpea in Italy. The holding is “nearly profitable and has never distributed dividends,” and its activity is “fully covered by debt,” meaning “less opaque,” the research media said.

In a brief statement sent to AFP, Orpea’s management stated that it could not comment that “justice was confiscated.” The company recalls recently complaining to X about the misuse of corporate assets at the Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office (Hauts-de-Seine). -de-Seine). Since the publication of this study, “Les Fossoyeurs,” by Victor Castanet, management longing to “light up charges against the group” has “detected potential criminal facts that cast doubt on individual behavior.” “.

“First disciplinary action”

Orpea also points out that “the first disciplinary action, some have already left the company.” The group names and refers to the case of former financial officer Sebastian Mesnard, who, according to Mediapart, was “closely cooperating” with Lipany.

“Sébastien Mesnard is no longer working for the company and has no access to his email,” management said in a press release. “We are continuing our investigation and will take all measures and sanctions that we find necessary,” she added, “these facts have nothing to do with the acceptance and care of the population.”

Following criticism from critics since the publication of Fossoyeurs at the end of January, Orpea has also been the subject of an investigation into alleged institutional abuse or economic crime in Nanterre at the end of April. Other investigations have been underway since February on “counterfeiting and the use of counterfeiting, and labor law violations due to abuse of fixed-term contracts.”

Last week, the group announced that it had provisioned € 83 million to its 2021 account “for risks and costs associated with the risks estimated from 2017 to 2021 after the administrative investigation.”

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