ORPEA: Additional information on YVESLEMASNE’s departure compensation and financial position

France, Puteaux – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Regulatory News:

In addition to the financial status of Yves Le Masne’s termination of duties as Chief Executive Officer of ORPEA (Paris: ORP), the April Board of Directors 2022, approved by the Board of Directors and published on January 30, 2022. On the 28th of the year, the following decisions were made on the recommendations of the Appointment and Compensation Committee.

In particular, it takes into account the crises faced by the Group and its stakeholders since the publication of the book, which includes allegations of malfunction.

Me) Variable compensation 2021

Based on the quantified and qualitative criteria set by the remuneration policy approved by the 2021 General Assembly, Yves Le Masne’s total annual variable remuneration for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021 was 563,666. It will be Euro, 67 Euro.

Payment of this annual variable compensation to Yves Le Massenet is subject to the approval of a resolution relating to the 2021 compensation element of the Chief Executive Officer to be submitted to the 2022 General Assembly in accordance with Section L22. Commercial code 10-34.

The Board of Directors recommends that shareholders do not approve this resolution. If this resolution is rejected, no variable compensation will be paid to him.

ii) Performance share plan for 2019, 2020, 2021

The Board of Directors has decided not to use the option that must waive the presence terms contained in certain performance-based share allocation plans.

Therefore, Yves Le Massenet lost all rights in the process of being acquired on the end date of his duties under the plans for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

iii) Compensation policy 2022

The Board of Directors has decided not to pay severance pay from 1 to the compensation policy applicable to Mr. Yves Le Massenet.er January 2022. Subject to the approval of this compensation policy by ORPEA’s 2022 General Assembly, Yves Le Masne will not receive any compensation for the termination of his duties.

Please note that Yves Le Massenet does not benefit from any particular supplementary pension scheme or compensation in return for his non-compete obligations.

Therefore, it is also recalled that the 2022 compensation policy only provides for giving Yves Le Massenet a fixed portion of the annual compensation. Proportional distribution tempoIn addition to all other types of benefits that Yves Le Massenet enjoyed until January 30, 2022 (unemployment insurance, company cars, collective funding and medical expenses), excluding variable compensation.

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