Nursing Home Scandal: Orpea Loop Attacks

The logo of Orpea's retirement home in Luze, near Nantes, February 10, 2022.
LOIC VENANCE / AFP / Archives logo for Orpea’s retirement home in Luze, near Nantes, February 10, 2022

Orpea’s headquarters and group community owners were attacked Wednesday as part of an investigation into alleged institutional abuse and financial crime at facilities for dependent seniors.

At 9 am, AFP journalists said 12 genders from the Versailles Research Section and the Central Office for the Fight against Environmental and Public Health Damage (OCLAESP) entered the company’s headquarters in Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine). Said. ..

Orpea’s management has confirmed to AFP that the investigation is “in progress” at headquarters and the local board of directors. About 200 gendarmerie were mobilized for these operations, according to sources familiar with the matter.

After the search was revealed, Orpea’s stock fell nearly 5% on the Paris Stock Exchange.

According to another source close to the investigation, these investigations were “checked” in a survey held by the Nantere Public Prosecutor’s Office in April following a report from the government after the publication of the book “Les Fossoyeurs” by Victor Castanet. The purpose is to “execute”.

In this January-published book, independent journalists specifically condemned the abuse of residents and the misuse of public funds.

These dysfunctions were partially confirmed in a report commissioned as a result of the government. The report demanded a return allegedly deviated from the purpose of the public grant.

“Justice is finally taking steps in this public health scandal,” welcomed the announcement of an investigation by Fabian Arakerian, a lawyer representing several families who complained in Nanterre and elsewhere in the country. “Let’s hope this continues,” he added to AFP.

The requested, Nanterre parquet floor did not want to communicate immediately.

Complaints against Corian

In addition to the investigation that began in April, Orpea has been under investigation since February for “counterfeiting and use of counterfeiting, and labor law violations due to abuse of fixed-term contracts.” After that, I participated in the minutes.

Investigators are also digging into numerous complaints. Most of the 80 complaints filed by Me Sarah Saldmann on behalf of the residents’ families in April, as well as other complaints from other lawyers, are the book “The Gravediggers”.

In addition, Yves Le Masne, the former general manager of the group, who was dismissed at the end of January, said on Tuesday that the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) had “just before the publication of the Victor Castanets book. Insider Trading on Resale. “

“The investigation is ongoing,” PNF calmly stated on Wednesday, confirming the end of the hearing of former leaders on Tuesday.

Faced with numerous criticisms and inquiries, Orpea launched the “State President” in May to raise public dissatisfaction. In this way, about 50 facilities have set up a digital platform to hold meetings and receive proposals. Orpea promised to report on these discussions in the fall.

The scandal also affects Corian, Orpea’s direct competitor. Attorney Sarah Saldman said Tuesday that 30 complaints targeting Epad Korean were filed with 12 prosecutors in several regions, especially for “manslaughter.”

These complaints against X come from residents of 18 families about acts of “endangering the lives of others,” “no assistance to those at risk,” and “manslaughter.”

“I can’t comment because I don’t know anything about the content of these complaints,” the Corian Group said in a press release. “All serious situations brought to (that) knowledge have been dealt with and systematized by the authorities. Recall that it was “declared”.

Corian lost more than 9% on the Paris Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning.

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