Nothing’s first smartphone “phone (1)” will be released this summer

As expected, a London-based consumer technology brand, Nothing confirms the launch of its long-awaited first smartphone, the phone today (1).. If nothing new, you may know Carl Pei, co-founder best known for co-founding OnePlus before launching Nothing. And yes, it was this smartphone that Carl Pei showed to Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, but it was wrapped in a protective case to hide its design.

With the announcement of the smartphone, the new Android operating system will be confirmed. All of these are built on Nothing’s commitment to intuitive and seamless technology, named after the company.

This phone (1) will be the second product following the release of Ear1 wireless headphones last year. The short teaser released today suggests that a series of light strips can be built into the back of the smartphone, but previous reports may have transparent design elements like smartphone earphones. Claims to be. But nothing is ready to talk about specs or prices.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor (model unknown at the time of writing), the Nothing’s phone (1) is the second device to join the brand’s product ecosystem, which stands out for its sleek design. Besides the hardware part, The company also mentioned Nothing OS, the operating system that came with the first smartphones...

“”After raising $ 144 million, building a team of over 300 people, and ensuring the support of trusted partners such as Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the phone (1) is ready. This is the launch to mark the beginning of change on dormant smartphones.marketKarl Pay said at a press conference.

No OS coming soon

Smartphones running Android aren’t new, but the software “An open and transparent ecosystem that easily connects and integrates Nothing products and other major global brand products“. According to the company,”No OS has the best features of a pure Android experience Bringing the operating system back to basic, all features bring real added value to the user“.

There is no claim that the software has a “consistent interface”, includes custom fonts and sounds, and takes advantage of Android’s best features to integrate them into an operating system built on the basis. .. As smartphone operating systems become more complex, we’re excited to see how NothingOS fits into the company’s spirit of making technology more accessible.

The first preview of Nothing OS is available from the App Launcher and will be available for download on some smartphone models from April 2022. There are also 3 years of security updates and 4 years of security patches. Nothing OS is at the heart of Nothing’s new ecosystem, opening the door to AirPods and more.

More information for the coming months

With the announcement of the phone and software, Pay also announced Nothing opens up the next round of investing in the community If you want to get involved at a deeper level than just buying a product. Starting April 5, she hopes to raise $ 10 million in this new community round. This follows her first community investment effort in March 2021, during which she raised $ 1.5 million.

For phone (1), the company says more information about smartphones will be available in the coming months.