New “Clima Bonus” Program: Reformed and Enhanced Fiscal Assistance Measures to Implement Ecosystem, Energy and Social Transitions


(From left to right) Fenn Faber, Director Klima-Agence; Henrikox, Minister of Housing; Joëlle Wellring, Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development.Claude Termus, Minister of Energy

(From left to right) Fenn Faber, Director Klima-Agence; Henrikox, Minister of Housing; Joëlle Wellring, Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development.Claude Termus, Minister of Energy

The Klimabonus program aims to make our homes more energy efficient, facilitate the selection of emission-free mobility solutions, and responsibly manage our environment and forests. This change will be accompanied by measures specifically to support low-income households. Klimabonus programs can be divided into five categories:

  • Sustainable mobility (maintaining support and extending duration)
  • Renewable energy (simplified and enhanced assistance)
  • Protecting biodiversity (support remains unchanged)
  • Sustainable housing (simplified and enhanced assistance)
  • Assistance for low-income households

At the press conference, Joel Welfling, the new Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, recalled: Only one thing. National, local and private economies will play their part by establishing frameworks that facilitate the adoption of good habits. We get out of the crisis by acting together. “

Highlights of the “Klimabonus Wunnen” program

The “Klimabonus Wunnen” program, which applies to projects launched by the end of 2025, is a simplified procedure for accessing assistance for energy refurbishment projects involving a single construction element of the thermal envelope (such as roofs and façade). I’d like to introduce_______ In addition, the promotion of ecological insulation has been strengthened and is closely linked to the abolition of subsidies for insulation based on fossil-derived materials from 2024.

Klimabonus Wunnen also aims to make alternative fuels for fossil fuels more accessible. In particular, replacing old fossil fuel-based boilers with heat pumps, wooden boilers, or connections to heating networks is encouraged in exchange for heating system replacement and improvement bonuses. In addition to this, there are new additional specific aids for neutralizing and recycling fuel oil tanks.

The new financial assistance scheme emphasizes heat pumps and enhances the quantity and eligibility of existing building air-water heat pumps. Noise emission requirements have been introduced for heat pump elements installed outside the building.

For firewood boilers, the requirements for fine particle emissions have become stricter and subsidies have been secured for existing buildings.

For solar PV equipment, existing support methods that combine investment assistance and generated electricity compensation are maintained, and alternative models aimed at promoting self-consumption have also been proposed.

The maximum amount of energy advice aid has been revised upwards.

Regarding the increase in aid, Minister Claude Turmes said: “In the context of the current energy crisis, it is time to propose solutions that will enable us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. There are energy migration challenges, and with state aid, they are even more accessible. It has become. “

100% social top-up Klimabonus Wunnen

Beneficiaries of Klimabonus Wunnen aid can apply for “100% social replenishment” from the Ministry of Housing, and depending on the income of the beneficiary’s household, Klimabonus aid may be doubled. This additional aid aims to help targeted households avoid the risk of energy poverty.

The other two measures support the owner’s household in the migration of the ecosystem. That is, the introduction of interest subsidies for climate loans and the introduction of compulsory funds for condominiums.

“These three measures are targeted aid to encourage low-income owners’ households to undertake energy refurbishment of their property. Climate policy is a social policy! We are transitioning together Only succeeds, “emphasized Housing Minister Henricox.

More information

Detailed provisions of the new Klimabonus financial aid scheme and a simulator of aid amounts are available at

The school aid application is available at

Joëlle Wellring, Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, and Claude Turmes, Minister of Energy, will present citizens with a new Luxembourg subsidy program at a regional conference from May to July 2022.

  • 16.05.7:00 pm, Camille Ney Cultural Center
  • 30.05. 7:00 pm, Beldorf, Cultural Center “A Schmadds”
  • 13.06.7:00 pm, multi-valued hall
  • 20.06.7 pm, Strange, Sports Hall 2 – Campus Andea delto
  • 04.07.7:00 pm Cultural Center Ozanjan Park
  • 11.07. 7 pm Steinsel, Leisure Center “Norbert Melcher”

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