Morocco’s Covid-19: 74 new contaminations, no deaths, 773 active cases in 24 hours

No deaths were confirmed in the Kingdom on April 8 and 9, 2022, 74 new contaminated cases and 35 recovery were confirmed. There are 773 active cases, and more than 6.17 million received a third dose. Pandemic monitoring in the figure.

New cases such as contamination, remission, number of screens performed, vaccination, etc. For more information on the evolution of the coronavirus in Morocco, click on the https: // link.

In Maghreb, Algeria does not tell the number of screening tests. This suggests that the number of pollutions is much higher than the official figures. The final assessment of discontinuation reported seven new cases of Covid-19 infection and three recovery. The country has a total of 265,714 pollution cases, including 6,874 deaths and 178,318 recovery.

According to the latest reports available, Tunisia has recorded 166 new pollutions, 2 deaths and 1,208 recovery. Since March 2020, a total of 1,037,358 pollutions have occurred in the country, of which 28,425 have died and 983,630 have recovered.

In Mauritania, the latest reports available have documented cases of contamination and cure. The country recorded 58,675 cases of Covid-19 contamination, including 982 deaths and 57,684 recovery.

The U.S. approved a “voluntary departure” of non-essential diplomats from the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, China, on Friday, where Americans were due to strict detention imposed on Covid-19. I advised you not to go to. The U.S. Department of State said in a statement that the families of all U.S. employees were also allowed to leave.

A new warning to American travelers recommends “not traveling” to Shanghai, China’s economic capital, “due to the restrictions associated with Covid-19, especially the risk of parent-child separation.” increase.

Faced with the worst virus wave in China since the outbreak began, Shanghai has been completely or partially trapped for two weeks. Under very strict health measures, 25 million Shanghainese people are forced to stay at home.

In France, the number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 and hospitalized on Friday increased further, but the number of pollution recorded in 24 hours decreased, according to figures released by health officials on Friday. I am. The hospital currently accepts 23,404 Covid-19 patients, 23,272 the day before and 22,066 a week ago.

However, this increase is not reflected in the intensive care unit, which treats 1,554 patients with the most serious form of the disease. It’s a fairly stable number compared to Thursday (1,572) and last Friday (1,537).

The number of pollution seems to be decreasing. Pharmacies and laboratories recorded 148,768 positive cases in 24 hours, compared to 158,792 the day before.

The government and development banks made a total of $ 4.8 billion in aid pledges on Friday to give the poorest countries access to anticovid vaccines.

“Simply put, you won’t beat Covid-19 anywhere until you beat it,” said Olaf Scholz of Germany at the beginning of a donor conference supporting the international Covax mechanism for access to vaccines. The prime minister insisted.

At the end of this online conference, supported by Germany, Senegal and Indonesia, the governments of developed countries have pledged a total of $ 3.8 billion in aid. On their side, development banks, including the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, must provide an additional $ 1 billion.

According to a report released by AFP, the pandemic has officially killed at least 6,198,682 people worldwide since the end of December 2019.

The United States is the country with the highest number of deaths (1,011,665), surpassing Brazil (661,182), India (521,686) and Russia (371,169).

The World Health Organization (WHO) said pandemic victims could be two to three times higher than officially established, taking into account excess mortality directly and indirectly related to Covid-19. I’m estimating.