Montpellier: Construction site and major new features of the tram network by the end of 2024

In addition to the heritage investment strategy (70 million euros by 2024, including 20 million euros for work this summer), Metropole has decided to double the current single track between the Boyralg and the exhibition center. Also created two stations in Lates (from here at the end of 2024) (returning to school in 2024). Don’t forget to extend Line 1 to Sud de France Station (end of 2024)

Tram package. Metropolis does not downplay the means. As Julie Fresh, Vice President of Transportation and Active Mobility, summarized, “This is to preserve and maintain the existing heritage to ensure the safety of travelers. This is essential given the new challenges of mobility within the territory.”

According to Julie Fresh, due to a recent lack of investment “Operational problems on the network. There is wear on the rails, and there is also a cry that causes noise pollution, especially on the side of Corum, on the latte bridge.” Due to the large number of black spots, € 70 million envelopes will be released (by 2024), of which € 20 million will be released in the coming months.

Work on the network from this summer

At what level, Julie Fresh will be announced, “In the framework of the delegation contract signed with Tam in 2018, the investment shortage was pointed out several times by the Regional Accounting Council.” As a result, from this summer (then 2023), network maintenance and modernization work is scheduled for the Saint-Rock station, Port Marianne’s Ernest Granier Square, Murale and Corum sectors. “Then there will be significant reductions, but we will reorganize our network to minimize the impact on our users.”

Modernization also includes visual information terminals for users, operations support systems, video, railroad signals, and more. There are so many points to deal with in the financial range of € 18 million.

77 new trains for € 275 million

Don’t forget to insist Julie Fresh “Ambitious vehicle update program with the largest bidder in France to acquire 77 new trains”.. Politics reaches 275 million euros. Of these 77 trains, 22 will be assigned to future Line 5 and 30 will be assigned to Line 1 renewal. “The busiest after the Ile-de-France network, with 140,000 travelers per day.”

These new trains experience technological developments (generalization of double doors, parallel seating) as technical (counting by cameras of travelers entering and exiting, automatic disinfection of trains with UV lamps).

In parallel with these investments in network maintenance and train renewal, Metropole has approved a doubling of the current single track between the Boilarug and Perol exhibition centers (line 3). We have also created two new service stations in the Chemin du Mas Rouge sector and the Hauts de Lattes sector.

Two new latte stations

At the same time, so many adaptations that reflect mobility policies, “volunteer” According to the conditions of the metropolis, and the outlook for urban development in the region of Mass Rouge, Soliet, and the “Aude to the Sea” project in the municipality of Lates. Especially for Hauts de Lattes development operations, which offer over 8,000 new residential units.

When Line 3 between Boirargues and Parcdes Expositions stations doubles (by the end of 2024), trains will be able to travel at 70 km / h in 5 minutes (2 minutes at peak). This development will also contribute to the accessibility of Louis Nicollin Stadium in the future.

Do you have more trams to San Jean de Veda?

Regarding the two new passenger stations (Masrouge and Hauts de Lattes) announced in September 2024, according to Métropole, “To absorb the demand of new residents in the sector.”

In addition, Michael Durafosse was blown away to discuss with François Rio, Mayor of San Jean de Vedas. “Because of the increasing frequency of tram line 2 between the Sabines and the center of San Jean de Vedas.”