Mon Petit Placement, an easy way to invest … and stop losing money on your Livret A!

Easy to invest with just a few clicks

Economic sanctions, inflation, financial fluctuations, soaring commodity prices … The war that broke out in Ukraine in February had a strong economic and financial impact and caused fluctuations in international markets, but inflation for more details. Also rose.

This instability can scare investors and even discourage some savers from investing their savings. However, investment remains one of the best solutions to combat the loss of purchasing power, and even the uncertain times we are experiencing today create investment opportunities at low levels in the market.

It is possible to invest quietly and easily … if you are well supported and make investment choices that correspond to your profile and your needs. This is exactly the type of support provided by MonPetit Placement, an online investment platform with access to all budgets. A true alternative to Livret A for fighting inflation!

Investment from 300 euros

Because, contrary to some common beliefs, you don’t have to be wealthy or have a big ticket to start investing. With Mon Petit Placement, you only need € 300 and about 10 minutes to create an account.

To guarantee high-end financial offers to clients, FinTech in France offers a selection of high-end products such as JP Morgan and Rothschild. However, the purpose of Mon Petit Placement is also to provide access to bespoke investments tailored to each profile. This is why the platform offers four different portfolios for different risk-taking and investment periods.

Various portfolios suitable for everyone

When registering to find out which type of investment is right for you, you must provide information about your situation and your needs and fill out an online survey to define your investor profile. Must be. Fill out this form and you’ll receive free, non-obligatory video advice to guide you towards a strategy tailored to your profile. What to discover an investment strategy made for you in minutes for free!

You may then be offered to invest in a “volunteer” portfolio for investors who want to record an annual return of about 3% in 3-4 years without taking significant risks. On the other hand, if you are greedy and risk-loving and are not afraid to wait 5-8 years to expect capital gains, the “Intrepid” portfolio can show double-digit performance per year more for you. Please. Halfway through, an “energetic” and “ambitious” portfolio can also provide you with satisfaction!

Thematic investment for “useful investment”

In addition, if you want to invest according to your own values, or if you want to serve a close-knit purpose by investing your savings, keep in mind that MonPetit Placement also offers seven thematic investment portfolios.

Some have been developed to fund companies in specific sectors, such as health and new technologies. Others can support companies that respect the environment and that operate on the principle of equality or solidarity.

For a portfolio called Relance, we are collecting funds to meet the funding needs of French and European companies in the midst of a health crisis.

Fees charged only if the investment is made

Once your placement is determined according to your profile, you will not be released into the wild. Experts can always contact and answer questions via email, phone, or site chat.

Finally, Mon Petit Placement’s economic model represents an additional guarantee of trust. Startups will only be rewarded if your investment adds value. Therefore, she chooses to connect her own interests to yours.

If you are tempted by an adventure, go MonPetit Placement website.. Create an account, determine your investor profile and start investing in 10 minutes!

Also, don’t forget to enter the code SLATE30 when you register. This will reduce commissions for the first year by 30%.

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