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MND (Euronext Growth-FR00140050Q2-ALMND) is a French industrial group specializing in cable mobility, snowmaking systems, mountain safety and thrilling leisure facilities, confirming its position as a leading player in cable transport. increase. Founded in 1989, the MND Group’s cable transportation activities aim for strong growth in the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

In the urban cable transport market, Huy and Reunion’s recently won contracts demonstrate the Group’s ability to meet market expectations well. In Belgium, the city of Hui has commissioned MND to build a new cable car to replace the existing cable car. At Reunion, MND, the head of Groupement Payenke, was selected by CINOR (Municipal Community in Northern Reunion) to design, build, and maintain the second line of network cable cars from Saint-. Dennis.

1 or laterer At the request of Brest Metropole in July 2021, The MND team will provide long-term assistance to Brest Cable Car operators. In Dubai, MND signed a memorandum of understanding with the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in 2021 to study the construction of an innovative autonomous urban cable transport system.

MND will build three new removable devices at the San Lari Ski Resort (Hautes-Pyrenees) in the historic mountain market. As part of the investment program and future restructuring of the region, operating company Altiservice has selected MND for the construction of a 10-seater gondola and two 6-seater chairlifts. At Oz-en-Oisans, MND is building a sloping lift, which will ensure a new generation of valley lifts to the Grand Domaine del’Alped’ Huez. In the United States, at Waterville, a well-known east coast ski resort, MND will install the group’s first removable 6-seater chairlift on the North American continent and enter the on-site assembly stage this spring.

All these cities, tourism and mountain equipment are turnkey-provided by MND to provide design, project management, assembly, installation, and start-up and operator training.

Finally, marked even stronger by Covid-19 in the wake of the last two seasons, the group will offer three four-seater chairlifts, eight reel ski lifts and about 20 schemats in the next season as well. .. A wide range of devices for addressing a variety of operational issues.

Since 2018, MND and BARTHOLET have been collaborating in various markets to offer joint offers and will be linked from 2020 through an industrial and commercial partnership agreement on removable teleport technology until December 2023. This cooperation bears fruit on both sides. Many references are used in France and abroad.
In this way, over the course of three years, MND has strengthened its over 30 years of experience in the field of ski lifts, integrating new references with numerous technical and industrial skills.

MND recently noted the acquisition of a majority stake in BARTHOLET Group securities by the Italian group HTI. This change of BARTHOLET’s majority shareholders does not question already signed orders or projects that are still within the framework of this partnership. The supply of services and spare parts is handled by the MND team, which guarantees all services related to the device installed or installed by the customer, in accordance with the Collaboration Agreement. Both companies will ensure the continuity of services that support infrastructure operators throughout their life cycle.

MND, like all other sectors (snowmaking systems, mountain safety, thrilling leisure facilities), aims to be a major and independent industrial player in cable mobility. Following the Succeed Together 2024 Strategic Plan, which began in 2020, the industrial land expansion project, which will begin this spring, aims to increase the production capacity of France and the manufacturing and assembly space dedicated to the transportation sector with cables. Therefore, the group has a global site of 5 hectares and improves the workspace of more than 200 employees serving customers. In addition, with enhanced service departments and increased training offerings, the Group will provide additional resources to meet customers’ long-term support needs on a rapidly growing installation base. This industrial expansion project is expected to be completed in 2023.

Attending the Mountain Planet Exhibition in Grenoble from April 26th to 28th, 2022, MND and its team will welcome customers to stands and industrial sites, sharing the latest innovations, projects and successes. increase. event.

About MND
MND is a French industrial group specializing in cable mobility, snowmaking systems, mountain safety and thrilling leisure facilities. With more than 3,000 customers in 49 countries, MND offers proven and sustainable solutions based on mountain experience in four core businesses for mobility, leisure and safety for all. I contribute every day. Based in Saboa, MND employs 300 people and relies on 7 international distribution subsidiaries and 28 distributors to operate worldwide. MND is listed on the Euronext Growth Market (FR00140050Q2 – ALMND) in Paris.

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